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How to create a values based coaching business online.

The 3 Minute Coach Fast-Track Program

We’ll show you a proven roadmap using a results-driven coaching system that shows (practitioners, coaches leaders and entrepreneurs) how to get better results so you can thrive and future proof your business: 

What You'll Receive When You Join This Training

Members Only Area

Access the complete recorded training via our online membership site for 3 months, so you can access the training whenever you choose.

Scripts and Templates

Get all the scripts and templates you need to apply the 3 Minute Coach System so you can get better results for your clients and faster better results for you.

Quantum Coach Roadmap

Get the 3 Minute Coach Roadmap, so you can start earning additional income right away and protect your family and business

Private Facebook Group

You'll get exclusive access to our private Facebook group so you can get the support you need from us and our amazing community.

Live Session and Q&A Recording

Watch the recording of the live Sessions and Live Q&A to see what questions people had and how they were answered. Odds are, others had the same questions you have now!

Velocity Coach Certification

You will get a chance to complete the certification process and receive a Velocity Coach Certification as part of the program completion. Become certified in the fastest most effective coaching process in the world.

Amazing Reviews

What You'll Learn In This Training

Module 1: 

Learn the difference between sessions and effective sessions and just where and how much time is wasted. Here you will learn to remove fluff from your sessions and get to the point of what is really going on for your client. In this module you will learn how to empower your clients to self regulate using the State Management System so they can get better results.

Module 2: 

Learn how to question clients more effectively using the Feedback Loop Questioning Technique. This technique will help you to speed up your sessions, Join The Dots so clients ‘get’ what is really going on and potentially what is stopping them.

Module 3: 

Learn how to intuit the core issues using the First Thought Technique and help clients to get in touch with their innate intelligence to help them solve problems, roadblocks and sabotage patterns.

Module 4:

Learn how to guide clients to ‘pop and insight’ using the Quantum Jump technique to ignite the ‘AHA’ moment. Here you will learn to use Sensory Intelligence to empower your clients to ‘get it’ and move past their issues, connect with what they need to do and begin to gain momentum.

Module 5: 

Learn how to guide clients to integrate the insights and take specific actions, using the RAP Sheet System, to propel themselves forward and ultimately have more success.

Module 6:

Learn how to use and market the 3 Minute Coach system to attract more clients. In this module we will show you how to frame up your expertise and specialty focus and implement the 9 Attraction Actions to build a highly successful coaching business as a Velocity Coach.

Bonus Practice Modules:

Together with the six learning modules you will also have six practicum modules to practice the tools and techniques in a safe and educational environment. Two days after the learning module we hold a practice module where participants will work in groups of three to masters the skills. Facilitators will observer and guide participants to hone their skills through feedback and examples...  

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Here Are Your Questions Answered

Where do I watch the sessions?

Question 1

You will have access to the training for 3 months via our training portal on Kajabi.  When you purchase, you will receive an email with your log-in details directly from Kajabi OR if you have a product with us already, you can use your existing credentials.  Don't remember your log-ins?  No worries, we have instructions in your welcome email so you can reset them.

What currency is this being sold in?

Question 2

It is being sold in Canadian dollars (CAD), which means if you are in the US, UK, Canada or another region with an advantageous exchange rate, you get an extra bonus!

How long are the sessions?

Question 3

Each of the teaching session is about 30 minutes in length with a 15 minute Q&A at the end. The practical modules run for 60-90 minutes and will include examples and time to practice in groups of three.

Will this strategy work during COVID-19?

Question 4

We have been teaching all the elements of this training to our top level clients for years. The strategy and roadmap we will be teaching in this training can be used during COVID-19, and after it has been resolved. 

In fact, those who implement this strategy now, will set themselves up for a brighter future and additional income streams post-CV.

What if I need help later?

Question 5

This program is designed to be "quick and simple" so that you can get it done and out in the world.  So, that means it is not a coached program with ongoing support. Once the program is complete, if you need help later, you can ask your questions in our Facebook Group and get the support of your community and our team.

How much time should I set aside to work on this?

Question 6

Well, everybody has a different skill level, motivation and online savvy, so that is hard to predict.  But, we want this to be as quick and easy as possible so you can create, package and offer this to your clients within days, not weeks.  If you aim to spend about 1-3 hours per day for a week (again, depending on skill level), you should be able to get this done!

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