Online Optimiser Program

A 3 month group mentoring program where you will learn how to build and launch your signature online program in 90 days

Here Is How We Help You:

Week 1

Align with your potential and essence and set up self-care practices that support you.

Week 2

Uncover your magic and what makes you different from other wellness leaders.

Week 3

Understand your mission, niche, and identify your ideal client.

Week 4

Learn how to attract your ideal clients using the Power Pitch and Message Matrix™.

Week 5

Create your signature program using The Wellness Journey™.

Week 6

Develop the content and sequencing for your program using the Seed System™.

Week 7

Build three models that help sell your program and share your wisdom.

Week 8

Create your program PDF including branding, models, scripts, pricing, and T&C's.

Week 9

Learn to launch, book sales calls and convert using the Strategy Call Playbook™.

Week 10

Decide on your program delivery method. Learn to take payment and onboard clients.

Week 11

Create your content marketing machine by extracting your wisdom.

Week 12

Discover how to scale your program and business through product replication.

Week 13

Learn how to create strong referral networks and partners.

Each week you will have online video modules, worksheets and group mentoring calls. If you get stuck along the way, we have a Facebook Message Thread where you can ask as questions as they arise.

Andrea Proulx

"I sold 5 people into my first ever group program last week and made $5,000!"

Jo Willis

"I sold 5 people into my program at $1,497 (for a total of $7,485) and the Online Optimiser program is only at week 10!"

Alexa Jackson

"By week 12, before the program had ended, I had made a total of $4,488, which is covering the cost of Online Optimiser Program. All from my first pilot program!"

Camellia Elgayar

"I have officially sold my first ever program to a new client for $850! I was not expecting it to happen so soon. It is only week 8 of the Online Optimiser Program!"

We Start On June 25th

Speak to our team about your online program idea and gain clarity on your next steps

Meet Your Mentors

Meet Kimberley Banfield

Head Mentor, Wellness Leadership Academy

Kimberley Banfield has over 15 years experience in the Wellness Industry in various areas including Coaching and Mindset training, Kinesiology, Reiki Master, Vedic Meditation, Yoga Teacher, Psychic and Medium, Tarot, and Shamanic Healing.

Kimberley first experimented with digital entrepreneurship in 2014 and since then has had multiple successful launches with her online programs, and moved her in-person practice to become a solely online business in 2016, and has never looked back! 

Kimberley has mentored hundreds of Wellness Practitioners to find their unique wisdom and create digital offerings. She has presented at live events and retreats in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the US - including Hawaii.

Kimberley has a gift of tuning into what’s really going on for a client and reflecting back powerful revelations that can facilitate life changing breakthroughs. Helping clients connect back to their soul’s purpose is the most rewarding part of this work for Kimberley.

Fun facts about Kimberley... she is a twin! She’s been to 35 countries (mostly solo). Outside of mentoring, she loves to tap into her Piscean energy and write poetry.

Meet Quinn Hand

General Manager, Wellness Leadership Academy

Quinn grew up in an entrepreneurial household, with her father owning his own business her whole life. Quinn first started hanging out in her Dad's business at age 5 and then began working with him in her early teens where she learned to run live events for his business. 

Quinn is a Naturopathic Doctor and opened her own practice in Toronto in 2011, which is now a 6 figure business. She works 2 days a week in her practice which allows her to mentor and guide other leaders to create the same success in their business. 

Quinn is the mastermind behind the launch and execution of live events run by Wellness Leadership Academy. These events take place in Canada, Australia, North America, Hawaii and Fiji and generate between 250k - 500k revenue per event. 

Quinn has been mentoring Wellness Practitioners for 7 years and enjoys witnessing the “aha moments” that clients have in her sessions and guiding them to uncover their own answers so they can take inspired action. 

Fun facts about Quinn...she used to be a competitive figure skater up until 18 years old. She loves Human Design and many other personality profiling tools. As part of her 4th year in Naturopathic College, she did an internship in Vietnam working at a World Health Organisation hospital in Hanoi.

We Start On June 25th

Speak to our team about your online program idea and gain clarity on your next steps

What Are Others Saying?

Fiona Jeffs

"So far I've found the OOP to be just what I needed to finally get me into action with creating my program and I've really enjoyed the small group learning model. The weekly call creates a great level of accountability without feeling excessively pressured. As we've all been at different stages in developing our programs it's been valuable to learn from the experiences of others in the group that may be further along in the process. The energy and support of the other people in the group has also been a wonderful bonus. Thank you WLA Team for a fantastic experience so far!"

Karen Wilson

"I am really enjoying the level of support during this course. That is from the team delivering it and other participants on the course. A small group of people all starting together and working on the same project works really well. It encourages sharing ideas and everyone benefits from the think tank of the group. Program material has been delivered sequentially and in manageable chunks so my old friend overwhelm gets to sit this one out. I will be able to replicate the program template moving forward to create more courses! Excellent!"

Mary Perry

"As we have worked through these weeks, I remain excited to step into new ways of serving. The loving care you give to all of us has been really wonderful. It was at first a bit different to shift from a practitioners mind to a marketing mind but I am seeing the advantage of it. I am excited to have sold my first program and looking forward to selling more. I already have more ideas that have sparked about other programs. It is an exciting time in a world that is struggling."

What's Holding You Back?

"I can't afford it"

We offer payment plans for clients who prefer to spread their payments out. Book a time to chat with our team about your options.

“Nobody knows who I am?”

You’ll learn how to easily and simply talk about who you are, what you do and how you do it!

“I don't know my niche?”

That's okay. We'll show you how to find the exact problem you solve and the community who needs you.

“But I have Tech Phobia!”

It’s now easier than ever before to learn online skills and create massive impact and income. We’ll show you how to do it the easy way to get you started.

“I tried other programs but they didn’t work”

This program has been built for wellness professionals by wellness professionals. We understand the sensitive nature of the health and wellbeing industry. Our goal is for you to become highly financially successful and make a bigger difference whilst being authentic and staying true to your values.

“There’s so many people out there who are better than me?”

You have so much magic and wisdom within you that can transform so many lives! It’s time to follow your calling, get out there more and make a bigger difference!

“I’m a newbie and don’t have a big email list, can I do this?”

Yes! It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out, the world needs you now more than ever! Just start with where you are knowing that everyone begins with nothing and you are taking the right steps towards building your community and your confidence in who you are and what you do.

"It sounds like a lot of work"

By implementing our system you’ll save months or even years of trial and error - and with weekly coaching and the support of a like-minded community on the same journey as you, you’ll get it done much faster!

Not sure if this program is for you?


We Start On June 25th


1 x $4,997

Please book a call with our team via the below button so we can process your payment.

Immediate access Facebook Message Thread conversation with pre-coaching on your questions before the program starts.


$997  +  6 X $750

(The first payment is $997)

Please book a call with our team via the below button so we can process your payment plan.

Immediate access Facebook Message Thread conversation with pre-coaching on your questions before the program starts.

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