What You'll Receive When You Join This Training

Live Training

Tune-in Live for this 3-part training, so you can start pivoting as soon as possible. First session starts 9am, 16th June, Melbourne time (Note: all training will be recorded to view anytime at your own convenience)

Members Only Area

We're also giving you access to the complete recorded training via an online membership site for 3 months, so you can access the training whenever you choose.

Scripts to Convert & Templates to Re-engage

Get all the email, video and online scripts and templates so you can Pivot Your Marketing online, so you can engage your clients more effectively and attract them back quickly, easily and authentically.

Private Facebook Group

You'll get exclusive access to our private Facebook group so you can get the support you need from us and our amazing community.

Live Q&A

Get your questions or concerns answered straight away so you can start moving and maintain momentum in your business.

Reboot Your Practice Roadmap

Get the Reboot Your Practice roadmap, so you can start to rebuild your practice, attract existing and new clients back to your clinic and build your business online.

Bonus - Premium Event Recording

We also want to gift you free access to our premium live event recording for the 'Online Wellness Advantage'.  We ran this live online training in May, over 4 days. This training taught wellness professionals how to transition their in-person wellness businesses online, so they can adapt and thrive today, tomorrow, and long into the future.

What You'll Learn In This Training

Module 1: How to Re-engage Your Audience

Learn how to re-engage your clients and have them eager to book and return to your clinic. We'll give you everything you need to make them feel secure and safe to revisit you: The problem, solution pathway; Our email templates and scripts; as well as our online content creation and distribution system to welcome them back.

Module 2: How to Reignite Clients

Learn how to use our 'Pivot Your Marketing' system to maximise your email list, social media platforms and content creation to attract clients back to your wisdom and in turn back to your clinic.

Module 3: How to Reinvigorate Your Practice

Learn the systems and strategies to rebuild your practice to not only match your pre COVID success, but to go beyond and build a thriving clinic that's better than ever. Here we will show you how to use the NEW PSYCHOLOGY to meet and attract new clients, that's all about genuinely helping them by understanding what they need right now.

Choose Your Payment Plan

One Payment - Save $37

$197 AUD

"The Pivot your Practice video series was excellent and helped me to launch... I was very hesitant last night but my husband said I just need to do it and get my ‘gift’ out to the world. 😊. Thanks everybody!"


Here Are Your Questions Answered

Where do I watch the sessions?

Question 1

We will be Live Streaming these sessions into our private Facebook group (which you will be provided access to as a program member). We are doing this so that it is easy to access the videos and you can watch them from any device, while also having the benefit of chatting with other members in the group during the stream.  It’s all about that virtual community right now!

Can I access the training at a later date?

Question 2

Yes! We'll be recording all the live training sessions, then uploading them to an online membership site, which you will have access to for 3 months, so you can access them whenever you want.

How long are the sessions?

Question 3

Each session will be about 45 minutes in length, with 15 minutes Q&A at the end. 60 minutes in total.

What currency is this being sold in?

Question 4

It is being sold in Australian dollars (AUD), which means if you are in the US, UK, Canada or another region with an advantageous exchange rate, you get an extra bonus!

What if I need help later?

Question 5

This program is designed to be "quick and simple" so that you can get it done and out in the world.  So, that means it is not a coached program with ongoing support. We highly recommend that you complete the training as it is delivered and then bring your questions to the bonus 60-minute Q+A session so that you can maximise the coaching available. Once the program is complete, if you need help later, you can ask your questions in our Facebook Group and get the support of your community and our team.

Will this strategy work during COVID-19?

Question 6

We have been teaching all the elements of this training to our top level clients for years. The strategy and roadmap we will be teaching in this training can be used during & post COVID-19

In fact, those who implement this strategy now, will set themselves up for a brighter future and additional income streams post-CV.

How much time should I set aside to work on this?

Question 7

Well, everybody has a different skill level, motivation and online savvy, so that is hard to predict.  But, we want this to be as quick and easy as possible so you can create, package and offer this to your clients within days, not weeks.  If you aim to spend about 1-3 hours per day for a week (again, depending on skill level), you should be able to get this done!

When are the live trainings?

Question 8

Session 1: Tuesday, June 16 @ 9am Melbourne /// Monday, June 15 @ 7pm New York/4pm Los Angeles

Session 2:Wednesday, June 17 @ 9am Melbourne /// Tuesday, June 16 @ 7pm New York/4pm Los Angeles

Session 3:Thursday, June 18 @ 9am Melbourne /// Wednesday, June 17 @ 7pm New York/4pm Los Angeles.

PLUS...We will be hosting a BONUS Q&A on Thursday, June 25 @ 8:30am Melbourne /// Wednesday, June 24 @ 6:30pm New York/3:30pm Los Angeles

**We'll be recording all the live training sessions, then uploading them to an online membership site after the training is completed, which you will have access to for 3 months, so you can access them whenever you want.

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