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“Andy & Marcus changed my approach to building my business by showing me that it’s important to be exactly who I am and work with the type of people I love.”

“The most helpful part of working with Andy & Marcus has been the seed sheets and the resources to create successful freebies and ad campaigns to get those bits of wisdom into the hands of my ideal clients.”

“My Results were having 20 women go through my online program. 18K likes on my Facebook page. Earning an extra 30K. Being interviewed on 2 TV programs, a radio show, and a couple of podcasts.”

“I had always struggled with how to... market myself. What Andy and Marcus have provided is a step-by-step manual on how to do this.”

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“Over $100,000 in extra income and an international best selling author within the first 12 months!”
Bree Stedman
Case Studies
People just like you are seeing massive success
in their businesses.
Blair Rhianna had a passion to help women find their true power and their soul partner, but she hadn’t worked out how to reach her audience, package it all up and make any income from it. After learning the seed sheet process, and clarifying her expert positioning statement Blair began communicating her expertise to some women within her circles. Within 3 weeks she had 3 new clients and $6,000 of extra income.
Jen Oliver , founder of Love FitMama was a Personal trainer earning $20 an hour and not getting the traction or reach she truly desired. She longed to create a successful business helping new mums restore their core and enjoy their body post birth. She had no idea how to “do” it, she just had a burning passion to make it happen. Jen became one of our most successful clients, creating financial freedom for herself and her family. She even took a global trek with her husband and 2 beautiful daughters, and earnt money while she slept!
Andrew Arnold owned his own chiropractic clinic, where he was not only the head practitioner but also the clinic manager. He didn’t know how to leverage his time and his income and was struggling to find a way through. After working together with us, Andrew scaled his business to beyond $1,000,000 and now has a fully automated clinic that isn’t dependent on him showing up to keep it running! Andrew is now delivering more of his genius and expertise as a practice leverage expert helping other practitioners to build million dollar wellness practices.
Here’s what students are saying
“Andy & Marcus changed my approach to building my business”
Whitney Young
“18K likes on my Facebook page. Earning an extra $30K”
Kerri Fullerton
“Seed sheets and the resources to create successful freebies and ad campaigns”
Jen Newell
“Andy & Marcus, with the systems that they have created, they changed my approach completely”
Elizabeth Cheravaty