Attention Wellness Business Owner  

“New Book Finally 
How To Create And Promote A Successful Online Wellness Business From Scratch

“New Book Finally Shows
How To Create And Promote A Successful Online Wellness Business From Scratch

Marcus Bird

Dear fellow practitioner, coach or wellness business owner,

If you want to generate another income stream, plus have time and location freedom while still doing what you love - then this is the most important message you'll read today.

By landing here, you have the chance to be one of the few high-performing online wellness experts in your area of care. 

Here’s what that looks like:

  • A loyal tribe of followers who love your authentic message and find healing results in your program.

  • A smooth transition to automated, fully-online wellness courses so you can earn a consistent passive second income.

I’m offering you the foundational steps, tips and strategies to live where you want, how you want and when you want.

Ready for it?

I’ll show you in a minute.

But first, what makes my book different from other ‘online business secrets’ out there.

The online marketing gurus are out in full-force, telling you that they have *the answer* to making serious money online - no matter your industry.

But here’s the facts...

The specific industry you’re trying to break into online matters.

What works for a wellness online business almost NEVER works in a different industry, and vice versa.


Because wellness is a very sensitive industry. We take people from sick to healthy. This can require herbs, medicines, treatments - even touch-based therapy. 

No other market in the world works like ours.

There is not a one-size-fits-all online business solution.

What I’m offering is instead all about thriving online as a wellness leader.

I’ve been in wellness for decades and used to run a very successful practice - before 4X-ing my income from going fully online.

No other flavor-of-the-day marketer or biz wiz can bring that level of experience to the table.

The Exact System To Selling Wellness On Your Terms

Most online business books try to be all things to all people. But not mine. I’m speaking directly to where you are right now with your business.

You’re frustrated with the lack of consistent client attraction.

Or you’re burdened by how busy your practice is. You’re like I used to be and have hit that income ceiling - there’s just not any more time to give!

Or you’re worried about losing income unexpectedly to another Global Financial Crisis or Global Pandemic. 

I’ve written this book with all of these in mind. 

Now without further ado...

Here’s What You’re Getting

Just Pivot - How to Build Your Wellness Practice Online and Create Multiple Streams of Income is a complete, first-concept-to-final-product, no-holds-barred guide to going live with your online wellness business - and doing it fast and without any hiccups or setbacks.

My book wastes no time getting down to business. I know how little time you have. I’ve been there too...

...stressing out at your clinic, either fully-booked and barely catching your breath...or sitting in an empty office wondering if you can afford to keep open...

The time-for-money trap is a cruel mistress. Once I got away, I knew I’d never go back. 

And I want you to come with me.

This is the closest anyone in our industry has gotten to handing over an online wellness business blueprint. 

Like with any blueprint, everything’s here for you. The foundational principles you’ll need. The subtle details most people miss. 

And the *precise* order you need to take each step, action and part (without skipping or reversing order).

Within 50 pages (that go by so fast), you’ll know *the entire 4 step process* to starting an online wellness business, selling your first program to a global audience and finding financial success.

There’s no high-minded theory in here. Not one word of marketing jargon either. 

I’m speaking to you as a wellness professional who wants the easiest, most effective way of selling services that actually workonline.

That’s why you can literally read this in a sitting - and then get to work!

This book has already proven it's worth thousands of times over. 

I’ve trained other wellness leaders around the world, using the same steps, formula and insights I’m offering to you now.

Those with the secrets in this book now stand at the top of the wellness online market in their field. 

One is an Amazon best-selling author that gets paid handsomely to speak around the world.

Another tends to horses in an idyllic Saskatchewan farm, living her dream life while living off her passive income from her online courses and programs.

Another needed only one go at a course to attract loyal followers from around the world (just about everywhere but her town of Melbourne).

The Big Takeaways

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll get inside this book:

BREAKING IN ON A HUGE OPPORTUNITY: Why are health coaches straight out of school (and with zero training) able to make $200K from online services in their first year?

Because pivoting online is just that powerful.

Of course, most can’t live up to their own hype, and burnout quick.

So imagine if someone who actually had something real to offer (experience, wisdom, an entire history of success stories) knew how to go online?

That’s you. Learn the game-changing mindset shift about online impact (pgs. 8-11) and you’ll fully understand the power to change your life and business the rest of your career (not just in six months, or a year).

I’ve broken my entire process down to a 4 STEP SYSTEM...

- Most practitioners, even after decades of experience, think they generally know what makes their clients tick. The truth is that they only know stories or examples - NOT the *core* reason people want your help. 

Read page 19 and you’ve just figured out the real reason people around the world want your magic.

- Standing up your first program is super easy with my 5-step pipeline. I and hundreds of other super-successful wellness leaders have been using this formula for years, so the results are about as predictable as THE LAWS OF GRAVITY. It’s a great way to sell a service fast. I even give you a tell-all diagram on page 20 so there’s no way to mess up.

- Check out page 24 for the three pathways you MUST market with to get a successful launch. The first two you already know but I can guarantee you’re not using them in the way I show you. It’s the difference between a nice ROI and losing a lot on ads.

The third pathway will *definitely* surprise you.

- Put everything I share together and you get…

That’s right. On page 38, I give you the entire diagram that ties together content creation, delivery and payment. 

I spell it all out (the answers are inside the book of course) exactly what you need to do every step of the way to ensure an online wellness course that lets you sell and scale up quickly.

By using the outline, I’ve seen others make:

$20K revenue in 1 day of “work” online (much less time than at an in-person clinic)

$7,500 after just 1 wellness offer

$9,000 from 3 unique programs (in just a few weeks’ time)

There are hundreds of other stories just like that.

The Subtle Secrets

I give you The Secret Sauce To Selling (page 23). Why is it secret? Because in this techie age, it’s a refreshingly old school approach. 

But it’s also the only way to stay true and authentic to yourself. 

Hint: It’s all about personal connection...

When you use email and social media to lead them to **this** point, they are most certainly yours for your program.

Never used video in your marketing? No problem! I’ll give you The 3 Types of Videos You Must Have In Your Outreach Arsenal To Convert Audiences Into Paying Customers Who Love Your Brand.

These three are highly-specific and involve your email, but WOW do they work! 

I even show you how to make engaging videos with free software and minimal setup. 

Got a laptop with a camera on it? Then you can take what I show you and create instant intrigue around your wellness business (even if you’ve never sold a program before).

Speaking of technology….how many online marketing systems can boast that they work for the beginner and the expert in computer technology?

I show you *two unique ways* to make programs. 

One is a great starter package. It works fast and doesn’t require much setup on your end. You could have new clients in 1-3 weeks with this accelerator.

The second is a more robust and sophisticated program. 

If you know your stuff tech wise and are willing to go deeper, expect big rewards! Clients will love your results and you’ll be off to the races.

Why you don’t have to like social media marketing for it to still work for you! 

For many of you, just the idea of Facebook ads gives shivers. Either you don’t like the platform, don’t know how to use it or afraid you’ll spend hours pulling your hair out. 

Guess what - I’m right there with you! So that’s why I teach social media marketing in a way that - - 

  1. Keeps your time on the platforms to a minimum.

  2. Requires very little knowledge beforehand.

  3. Focuses on the value of connecting with your core tribe (so you don’t fall into the time-trap of trying to “go viral”).

The Most Proven Way To Build A Wellness Business That Creates A Global AudienceWho Want To Return Again And Again

Most online businesses come down to this question - -

- - How do I find enough loyal clients online to make a living that gives me freedom offline?

But with this book, I’m answering a more specific, wellness-relevant question:

How do I make sure what I’m offering online is as authentic and powerful as what I’m doing in my bricks-and-mortar career?

That’s the secret that sets what I’m showing you apart from every other ‘how to make it big online’ offer.

Here’s How To Get Started

This brand-new book, based on hundreds of case studies and years of lives changed by wellness practitioners just like you… available right now for $6.80. It’s in PDF form, and you can download it the second you hit ‘submit’.

That’s less than a couple of Starbucks lattes. 

(Or about the same price as one of those large fancy-pants Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Coffee Frappuccinos®)

For $6.80, you can download, read through it all, go back to the first action item again and start setting up your online wellness business today!

If you’re a fast-reader, you could structure out your online business plan of attack in the next few hours.

That’s how easy and powerful this system is.

There’s no strings attached, I promise.

I pride myself on teaching authenticity in my programs. 

I’m all about being true to yourself in your expression and never falling for parlor tricks or used car salesman tactics to get what you want.

Making money is great, but not at the expense of someone getting ripped off, or even feeling disappointed. 

So if you buy the book today, here’s what I WON’T do (that many others would, sadly):

I won’t sign you up for a “hidden” program without you noticing.

I won’t charge any silly fees. I won’t be auto-subscribing you to any services either. 

$6.80 is $6.80. Scout’s honor. You do your part and I’ll deliver exactly what you asked for.

Why $6.80?

Great question. After crunching the numbers, that’s the cost to print, post and wrap it in a nice padded envelope (before adding any extra to make a profit) .

The downside however is a small percentage of these would never reach their destination. 

Plus because we’re based in Australia, it would roughly take 3 weeks to arrive to those of you in North America - our largest audience base.

I figured you'd prefer to get the book immediately, rather than having to wait a couple of weeks.

As soon as you place your order today, you'll be sent an email receipt with the download link where you can get it.

From there you can download the book and read it.

You can access your book anywhere, instantly, without having to wait for the post office to get it to you!

But while I’m sticking to my $6.80 promise, there’s one thing you should know.

This Book Could Go *Poof* At Anytime

Here’s why.

I take a loss by selling you this book at this price.

The reason why is because it costs me $21.54 in advertising costs to sell one book.  

So why would I do that? 


This is new for me. I’ve done masterclasses and on-demand trainings, but never have I done a book offer quite like this. 

I’m testing the waters.

But most importantly I want to create a great impression on you so that one day you might do business with me again.

Yes, I have other products and services that you might be interested in.

I’m hedging my bets that you’ll enjoy the book so much and all the simple-proven-strategies, you’ll ask to try other trainings and services I offer. Pretty straight forward really.

But I did want to give a fair warning. I have no idea when I’ll pull it out of circulation.

If you still see this letter, then you know this book is still available as an instant PDF download for $6.80.

Oh - one more thing.

Heck, let me sweeten the deal.

For that same $6.80, you’re also getting some things I didn’t mention before…

I figured you already had enough to process, right?

Well, if you buy this book today, there are some surprises inside.


Email lists are still critical to long-term online success, but most people in wellness go for the wrong target.

When it comes to email, size does not matter as much as relevancy.

You don’t want a HUGE list - you want a list that gets you and your wellness brand. 

That’s exactly what my List Building Guidebook does for you. It’ll teach you how to gather a quality list, even if you’re starting from *zilch*. 

It overlaps with principles you learn in this book, which is why I knew it’d help.

Having a strong, devoted list will put you lightyears ahead of all the others trying to go online and wondering why no money’s coming in.


I include excerpts where I lay out the exact words I’ve used to draw in my own tribe of loyal followers and make over 4X more per year than I did without it.

This isn’t one of those guru “copy-every-word-and-press-send” samples. Again, if it’s not actually coming from you and an authentic place, then it won’t work anyway.

But you’re seeing an exact, word-for-word, proven winning pitch I’ve used to make real passive income. 

It’s rare-to-impossible to see examples of marketing you know has converted and really worked. I’ll also show you what to take away from my samples and how to apply them.

And It’s All Backed By A 100% Money-Back Guarantee

If this book and all its bonuses does not do for you what I said it would in this letter, then I’ll send you back the $6.80, along with my sincerest apologies, and let you still keep this huge resource.

It doesn’t get any more low-risk than that, right? I’ll bring this up again before you purchase, so you know I’m serious. Screenshot the guarantee, do whatever you have to do. I’m good by it, I promise.

The Next Step Is Yours

I thank you for reading this and can’t wait to hear from you again when you’re running an amazing online wellness business.

Marcus Bird

P.S. Did you scroll down here just to see what I was all about?

Here’s the rundown:

I’ve just written a 50-page book, Just Pivot - How to Build Your Wellness Practice Online and Create Multiple Streams of Income, that walks you through a proven winning strategy to running an online wellness business that sells. 

In just one easy sitting, I’ll show you behind the curtain to *how exactly* people go from local practitioner or coach (who’s either burned out or living month-to-month) to an online wellness business owner with a global audience that loves what you do. 

I lay it out step by step and use proven formulas that have resulted in time and location freedom, and multiple streams of income for me and hundreds of other wellness professionals. 

The cost for all of this is $6.80.

I’m also including a bonus Email List Building Guidebook for a smart, proven way to build your most loyal audience possible.

I’m not sure how long this book will be available, because once I get enough success stories from it (which won’t take long), I’ll likely turn this into a major course.

Plus because I'm running a marketing test. If I'm not able to at least break even on my advertising costs, then I'll pull this offer down.

There’s no catch. $6.80 is $6.80. You don’t get auto-subscribed to any programs and you’re not added (sneakily) to some trial offer.

If you get the book, read it, implement what it says and aren’t satisfied with your results, let me know and you’ll get your $6.80 back.

Click here to get the 'Just Pivot' Book.

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