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“New Book Finally 
How To Create And Promote A Successful Online Wellness Business From Scratch

“The Science Behind The World’s Most Effective Wellness Coaching! Learn the proven system for delivering fast, effective and insightful sessions in 15 minutes or less…”

Marcus Bird

Dear fellow practitioner, coach or wellness business owner,

Are you a holistic practitioner, health coach or wellness business owner that wants more clients more often?

Do you want to see that ‘a-ha’ moment go off in your clients’ head much more than you do now?

And are you tired of trading time (particularly in 1 hour blocks) for money, and never being able to reach the kind of income that gives you the lifestyle you desire?

It’s time that you learned some proven systems to create efficient and predictable client success every time you have a coaching session. 

Here’s some examples of what that could look like:

  • A full client list willing to pay more to spend less time with you (because the results will be so good and come so fast).

  • Having guilt-free holiday breaks and vacations, because you’ll have financial freedom based on your new coaching model.'

  • Consistent client breakthroughs happening in at least ⅓ the time they used to.

I’m offering you the steps to the most effective coaching on the planet. 

And it’s all in one book.

✔ Based on the latest in science.

✔ Drawn from universal principles.

✔ Geared towards the ever-changing world we live in now.

But be warned - It’s unlike any other coaching book you’ve ever read.

Most advice about coaching still tries to fit within your current paradigm or model of coaching.

But what I’m offering you today is a completely new paradigm.

One that you’ve never practiced before, and maybe never seen in action yourself.

It may seem counterintuitive at first.

But it’s the same intuitive techniques that inspired Albert Einstein to discover the theory of special relativity, and inspired Nikola Tesla to harness the power of the electric current.

As I’ll show you in the book, both of these breakthroughs happened while they weren’t even trying to solve anything

They were maybe even thinking about something else when the lightbulb of revelation went off.

I can’t guarantee your client breakthroughs will have THAT kind of impact on human history, but it will be life-changing for them.

While wellness coaching is *not* magic, your clients will start to think there’s something magical about how you get them to experience breakthroughs so quickly.

And that’s when clients are ready to pay you well (and tell all their friends and family about their results).

I’m so ready to share the secrets about how to predict fast, impactful breakthroughs!

Here’s What You’re Getting

Velocity Wellness Coach - How To Uncover Your Client’s Core Issue And Deliver Amazing Results Every Time is the definitive guide to manifesting client breakthroughs in sessions of 15 minutes or less.

And not just once in a while.

You’ll learn how to predict swift success again and again and again.

This book combines high-level theory (rooted in fundamental scientific principles) with ‘minute-by-minute’ session tactics so you not only create success but know why it’s happening.

For some things in life you don’t need to know the why, but being a Velocity Wellness Coach is all about the why.

Like why you’re here. 

To make amazing change in people’s lives.

To do what you love for as long as you want.

Becoming a ‘Velocity Wellness Coach’ is the only way (in the modern age) to run and scale a wellness business you actually love.

And to get paid what you’ve always deserved.

And I’m talking to any modality of practitioner, health coach or wellness expert.

Ready to learn *everything* that’s inside?

But first you need to know what’s standing in your way.

Wellness Coaching Needs To Get With The Times

We live in a lightning-fast, smartphone age.

So clients expect results in every area of life to feel as instant and effortless as pulling an app up on their phone. 

But here’s my question to you:

If the rest of the world is expected to deliver fast results (without compromising on value) why not wellness coaching too? 

The time-for-money coaching business model, the one all wellness practitioners working today grew up in, doesn’t work for anyone.

It doesn’t work for you because:

  • It limits the number of clients you can see (only so much time in a day).

  • It forces you into high-burnout scenarios.

  • It has a clear ceiling (you can’t grow or make more than a certain amount without sacrificing quality of life).

It doesn’t work for the client because:

  • They want results quickly...or they start to get nervous.

  • They’ll look to other options if dissatisfied.

  • They may never even make it to you if they think the sessions are too long.

So if the time-for-money model doesn’t work, why do we use it?

Because it feels like it makes sense. 

It seems natural that the more time we spend with someone, the more value they’ll get and the more transformation we’ll see.

In fact, having less sessions and shorter sessions seems counterintuitive to coaching.

At first!

I break through the myths about that inside this book.

So take the “quantum leap” with me into a new paradigm of coaching that operates at the same speed and efficiency as the rest of the world.

Efficient. High-impact. With results you can see coming every time.

The Two Secrets To Efficient, High-Impact Coaching Skills

Besides the dozens of incredible resources, success stories and ways of working towards a faster, more impactful coaching session.

Besides the over 200 pages of paradigm-shifting, impactful coaching instruction inside.

‘Velocity Wellness Coach’ has two systems you ABSOLUTELY MUST follow.

If you’re wondering…”how can I possibly coach someone in 15 minutes or less? And not just coach, but lead them to a breakthrough??”

The answer is in this blueprint.

Piece by Piece, there are specific guiding principles you must follow.

Part 1 - I show you the three core needs (pg 101) that every client has and how to find it for them. 

✔ The cheat code on page 167 to getting the three core needs out of your client before they even arrive at the clinic.

✔ The questions you must ask about core needs to beat client sabotage.

✔ Do THIS superpower line of questioning in Chapter 9 to create incredible momentum in your session’s first minute.

Part 2 - I teach you how to expose the insights within your client’s needs and ignite an “a-ha” moment they’ll never forget.

✔ Why you may start feeling nervous, uncomfortable or teary-eyed (and how it means you’re really close to something).

✔ The “Moment of Truth” for your client and how to identify it instantly (page 134).

✔ What it means to have “the magic” and how your clients will know it’s working. [Chapter 8].

Part 3 - You’ll learn how to show clients next steps in a way that makes them feel they came up with it themselves. This is where they’ll love your work and can’t wait to share you with others

✔ How to find the three key actions clients must take away with them before the next session.

✔ Turning your questions with the client into a dance [Chapter 9].

✔ What my days in pilot training will teach you about “coming in for the landing” of your session. 

The Velocity Coach Session Blueprint was the high-level look at what must happen in a 15-minute (or even 3-minute) session. 

But for those wondering what the step-by-step, boots-on-the-ground tactics’ll also get *the 6 Core Steps*.

Step 1 - The power to make your client see their present reality so clearly that core issues begin to reveal themselves.

➕ How to “snap” clients into absolute clarity about what they need right now (and why they will connect this insight with your coaching).

➕ Turning clever questioning that gets at key insights fast into an art (pg. 120).

Step 2 - The ability to draw out their mental, emotional and physical state with absolute ease.  

➕ The 3 Words that create your client’s headspace about their current reality.

➕ Why the line of questioning recommended on page 128 will start to feel like a ‘flow state’ (for you and your client) .

Core Step 3 - The way to constructive next steps, everytime (that builds on what your client already gave you).

➕ How to leap the session into a hyper-focused reality.

➕ The Chapter 6 secret to ‘getting’ where a client’s coming from at a gut level (maximum empathy without the session ever getting messy). 

Core Step 4 - An almost supernatural ability to see client roadblocks before they appear.

➕ This 3-letter technique gets clients to self-identify their core issue without ever feeling pushy or leading

➕ Getting clients to happily avoid the path of least resistance, face harder truths and get in touch with their inner wisdom.

Core Step 5 - The most definitive and confident way to move towards a satisfying resolution.

➕ What Newton’s Law of Motion can teach you about keeping the client moving towards an end result.

➕ This Amazing Skill on page 129 turns every constructive question into a statement about the core issue (and why your client will discover it on their own).

Core Step 6 - The Wellness Coaching Exit Strategy that gets clients excited, keeps them driven and ready to come back.

➕ The one question (and answer) you want on every client’s lips as they leave.

➕ The importance of sticking to the time constraints you promised yourself (whether it’s 3 minute sessions or 15 minute sessions).

You’ll Get 1 Proven Blueprint, 6 Core Steps And Countless Masterful Strategies To Run 15 Minute Wellness Sessions That Make Your Clients Love What You Do!

And the results are out of this world - literally!

All of the coaching principles taught in this book are based on practical applications of universal theories and laws.

For example, you’ll learn how quantum mechanics was used to create coaching systems as reliable as scientific formulas.

You’ll also discover how two key scientific theories explain your client situation better than any prior training ever could.

And if you’re wondering what science and wellness coaching have to do with each other, here it is…

What Einstein and the Subatomic Particle can teach you about wellness coaching.

Scientific breakthroughs have a chain reaction in the culture.

Before Newton, we didn’t understand how gravity worked.

But now we live our days very aware of the power of gravity.

The same with Einstein and his theory of special relativity. 

After Einstein discovered that we experience time differently depending on where we are and how we’re moving, it changed the way we thought about the universe.

This book shows you how to take Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and apply it to your dynamic conversations with clients. You’ll learn to uncover what’s happening beneath what they’re saying.

The same with Subatomic Particles. We’ve learned through physics that everything is made of atoms and that atoms are always in motion.  You’ll learn how subatomic particles apply to constant movement in the mindset of your client. Once you can latch onto what they’re moving toward (and away from), you can start to have real effect.

The same with Meta-Time. You’ll learn how to apply string theory and the idea of the infinite ‘now’ time to enter a flow state as a coach. After you learn this, you can quickly and intuitively make decisions about where to take the session.

I pull from the most recent research of quantum physicists because they are speaking about real things that are happening in the world (and beyond it).

You’ll even learn how it’s possible to have time left over in your 15 minute session for ‘the unexpected’ to happen. Don’t believe there can be extra time in a 15 minute session? Just wait until you read page 148.

But don’t worry. There are plenty of real-life, practical examples inside, too.

I also use plenty of practical examples from everyday life that apply to coaching in unusual but enlightening ways:

⭐What play-time with my daughter taught me about clients’ subconscious sabotage.

⭐Why an underwater iceberg can help you better empathize with clients at any level.

⭐Your current ‘Time-For-Money’ coaching paradigm is like a to get off it and start really moving forward.

⭐Why Television Culture is to blame for the old model of 60-90 minute sessions.

And If You’re Still Wondering If ‘Velocity Wellness Coach’ Will Work For You...

I totally get it.

I was new to so many things I tried in life, and look what happened:

  • Going from “ceramic engineer” (dishwasher) in Colorado to lead cook in {x} weeks.

  • Going from green-eyed real estate agent to the top sales producer in my second month.

  • Going from practicing counselor and kinesiologist to successful founder of my own coaching business.

Going from a casual interest in science and technology to being a wellness coach trend-setter, futurist and consultant for corporations, wellness brands and practitioners around the world!

I always practice what I preach. I get the results for myself, share them with others and leave the world no doubt that the principles of ‘Velocity Coach’ work.

Here’s How To Get The Book

Velocity Wellness Coach, based on hundreds of hours of research, thousands of success stories and years of 15-minute sessions changing the lives of its coaches and clients… available right now!

And it’s only $6.80. 

That’s less than a night out for dinner.

It’s even less than most fancy lattes.

And it’s available as an instant PDF download, so you can get started right away.

For the price of $6.80, you can download, read through it all, go back to the first action item again and start implementing the 15-minute coach method for yourself!

There’s no ‘catch’ to this offer.

Everything I teach is rooted in being authentic, true and fair to you, the wellness coach.

I’ve been a wellness coach, and I know just how sad, angry and disappointed I would be if I got ripped off by a coaching ‘solution.’

So if you buy the book today, here’s what I WON’T do (that many others would, sadly):

✔ I won’t sign you up for a “hidden” program without you noticing.

✔ I won’t charge any silly fees. I won’t be auto-subscribing you to any services either. 

✔ $6.80 is $6.80. You get the PDF download of the book as soon as you pay.

Why $6.80?

Great question. That’s the cost to print and ship a physical copy.

“But wait, I thought you said I’d get a PDF, Marcus?”

That’s right, you will.

If I did ship a physical book, a small percentage of these would never reach their destination. 

Plus it could take up to 3 weeks to arrive for those in countries other than Australia.

But I want to get the book immediately in your hands, so you can start seeing real change in your coaching sessions by the time that the book would have arrived in your mailbox.


As soon as you place your order today, you'll be sent an email receipt with the download link where you can get it.


From there you can download the book and read it.


You can access your book anywhere, instantly, without having to wait for the post office to get it to you!

But while I’m sticking to my $6.80 promise, there’s one thing you should know.

This Book Won’t Be Around Much Longer

Here’s why.

I actually lose money on every purchase of this book right now.

The advertising costs are more than 3x what I’m charging you.

Here’s why I’m running Velocity Wellness Coach at a loss (for now).

I want the lowest barrier to entry for you right now.

You’ve never worked with me before and so I want to prove my worth to you, so you’ll consider me for future products or services.


Yes, I have other products and services that you might be interested in.


But I did want to give you a fair warning and be completely transparent. I have no idea when I’ll pull it out of circulation.

It could be in a month. It could be two weeks. 

It could be tomorrow (depending on when you’re seeing this).

Once I get the number of coach success stories that I’m looking for (which won’t take long), then this book is off the market.

If you’re still reading, then you know this book is still available as an instant PDF download for $6.80.

And It’s All Backed By A 100% Money-Back Guarantee

If this book and all its principles, systems and strategies does not do for you what I said it would in this letter, then I’ll send you back the $6.80, along with my sincerest apologies, and let you still keep this huge resource.

If you want to hold me to this, take a screenshot of the guarantee and email me later if you’re not satisfied. I’m good by it, I promise.

Can I Really Do A Coaching Session In 15 Minutes?

I get it. It seems impossible, but think about it.

Could you have imagined 20 years, or even just 10 years ago, that you could hold a smartphone in your hand and get the internet in an instant?

That’s the power of innovation.

And if it can happen in technology and science, why shouldn’t innovation happen in coaching?

If an app doesn’t show up on our phone in a second (literally), we start to get frustrated.

That’s how fast the world is moving now. That’s how fast we expect results.

So the real question is...why haven’t clients been demanding 15 minute Velocity Coaching from us sooner?

Actually, they have.

Every time a client has left your practice frustrated. Every time they’ve never come back. Every time you couldn’t get a client to consider your clinic.

It’s probably that they didn’t want to trade time for money. They wanted to pay for results that work at the same speed as smartphone technology.

This book is a truth-teller, a harsh pill, but a necessary one. It’s time to become the coach that your clients expect you to be.

And the best part is once you master the 15-minute coaching techniques inside, you’ll have so much more time, so much more ability to increase your income and so much more freedom to achieve your goals, that you’ll never regret the days of 30, 45 and 60 minute sessions.

And if 15 Minutes still seems unrealistic

This book is meant to ease you into the 15-minute mindset. These same strategies, tips and tricks also work to bring your sessions down to 10-20 minutes or 20-30 minutes. You can incrementally work down your minutes per session (I did) and start to see the “less is more” principle go to work.

Now You Know Everything About ‘Velocity Wellness Coach.’

The Next Step Is Yours

I thank you for reading this and can’t wait to hear from you again when you’re running some amazing 15-minute sessions.

Marcus Bird

P.S. Did you scroll down here just to peek in and see what’s really going on? 😉

Here’s the rundown:

I’ve just written a 200+ page book, ‘Velocity Wellness Coach - How To Uncover Your Client’s Core Issue Fast And Deliver Amazing Results Every Time.’ It shows you the principles, mindset, and techniques to create high-impact sessions happen for clients in record time.

This is your passport to booking more clients in a day, seeing more results (and referrals) throughout the year and moving towards a lifestyle of time and money freedom. You can even use what you learn here to start or expand online coaching so you also have location freedom!

In this one book, I’ll reveal the two key systems you must have in place to bring your time of session down from 30 minutes, 45 minutes or an hour to 15, 10, 5 or even 3 minutes! You’ll get a master blueprint and a 6-step process, both of which work to make these lightning-fast sessions run like clockwork.

Combine mindset techniques with practical in-session strategies and a preset formula to make major client insights predictable and happen on a very specific schedule.

The cost for all of this is $6.80.

The book won’t be available much longer, because once I get enough success stories from it (which won’t take long), I’ll likely turn this into a major course or charge much more for the same content.

There’s no catch. $6.80 is $6.80. You don’t get auto-subscribed to any programs and you’re not added (sneakily) to some trial offer.

If you get the book, read it, implement what it says and aren’t satisfied with your results, let me know and you’ll get your $6.80 back.

Click here to get Velocity Coach.

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