Using our signature Quantum Mindset Formula you'll discover how to break free from limiting beliefs and sabotage patterns that contribute to over 90% of wellness businesses failing in the first 5 years...

Here's the most important things you'll get from the Mindmap.

  • Discover how the "3 Golden Questions" help you have less friction, less self doubt and less fear and instead a more powerful and consistent flow of wellness clients into your business starting tomorrow, and well into the future.

  • Learn how the Quantum Mindmap formula is specific to Wellness Practitioners and Coaches and how it's already worked for over 10,000 other health and wellness business owners to get them booked solid and reaching their global audience.

  • And finally uncover the 3 core tools associated with the Head brain, the Heart brain and the Gut brain and how their synergy can create incredible magic, not only your business success, but every area of your personal life as well.

More than 10,000 people have already improved their Businesses and their Lives using what they learned from these tools...

Some words about Marcus & Andy

  • Since working with Marcus & Andy I now have the world's #1 Podcast series for Social Anxiety and over 100 Global Clients!

    Candice.E, Canada

  • Our Practice now generates over $1,000,000 per year in revenue. Our previous best numbers were $250k per year. Thank you Marcus & Andy!

    Andrew.A, Australia

  • Offically I now have over 60 bookings in my upcoming calendar. Thanks to Marcus & Andy I'm always focused on the next step!

    Kim S., Australia

  • Last Month was my busiest ever! I made over $17,000. 
    Thank you Marcus & Andy!

    Helen.M, Australia

About Marcus & Andy

Andy and Marcus have over 30 years combined experience in the Wellness Industry. Both have been successful Wellness Practitioners, Clinic Managers and Online Business Owners.

After collectively working with over 10,000 people globally these guys are considered “The” experts on Wellness Leadership and Integral Education Marketing for the Wellness space.

 “Our Mission is move 10 Million People to Wellness by the year 2020." And yet we're here to transform the wellness Industry, one Wellness Leader at a time. We know when Practitioners, coaches and business owners are educated to become heart centred leaders and build successful Businesses, their positive impact grows, they reach a MUCH wider audience and the world transforms for the better."

"Our job is to freely distribute cutting edge training and strategies to create authentic wellness leaders and serve up a bigger chunk of the trillion dollar wellness industry profit to those practitioners who are on the ground doing the hard work with people in need all over the world.”