The 3 Core Abilities of Successful Entrepreneurs

When Richard Branson stepped out into the world and launched his cheeky record label Virgin records, he was a bright eyed and bushy tailed 22 old living in London.

Richard had dyslexia and no real business experience… and yet today he has built one of the most successful and well known companies in the world.

So the question is: how has he, and many like him, been able to reach the level of success that they have?

When I started my first business at the age of 15 some 38 years ago, all I had was a dream and the gumption to get started. This gumption took me on a journey to developing, running and learning the skills that it takes to run a successful business.

I have had the privilege of working with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the wellness industry, and have mentored over 20,000 business owners to achieve more in their personal and professional lives.

And throughout it all, I have seen time and time again that there are 3 core abilities that successful entrepreneurs have, which differentiate them from the less successful.

Successful business owners all utilise these 3 abilities to empower themselves to create more actions, get more done and make a bigger difference in their lives and the lives of those they support along the journey.

These 3 core abilities are fundamental if you are to reach and indeed exceed your dreams, desires and goals for you and your business…

1. The first is the ability to overcome drag.

All successful entrepreneurs have the ability to be self-reflective, to understand when they’re falling into the drag of old patterns, belief systems and sabotage cycles.

This is the core understanding that the very thing blocking their way to the road of success is themselves. Successful entrepreneurs have the ability to identify and then rectify these blocks, sabotage patterns and belief systems before they cause undue drag, slow success down or in worst case scenarios prevent success from happening at all.

2. The second is the ability to change perspective.

All successful entrepreneurs have the ability to look at any situation from many different angles. This is the ability to change perspective, move to a different vantage point or ask the right questions to get a better perspective of what to do next.

They don’t hold onto the belief that they are right, but rather the belief that there is always a better way and it’s their job to find it.

3. And the third is the ability to generate momentum.

All successful entrepreneurs know that to reach their goals, dreams and desires they must create momentum or else the effort to succeed will eventually lead to burnout.

Momentum creates space, it creates repeatable systems, steps and actions that continue to drive success, whether the entrepreneur is there or not. This usually involves building assets that will carry the mission forward and build a wave of success all on its own.

The key to learning these abilities, and then flexing your mental muscles to become business fit, is to make these core learnings an essential part of your training as a wellness leader.

The key to overcoming drag is awareness, the ability to be proactively critical and aware of how you’re playing the game. To see and understand when and where you’re sabotaging your success, and to make new and informed choices that look beyond fear.

The key to changing perspective is to be vulnerable, to know that your view is not the only view, and to have the ability to be honest with yourself. To then be able to take the advice and see through the eyes of others, which may have a different view on you and your business.

A true shift in perspective is a change of mindset, heart, or a belief through having someone else challenge you, or an emotional experience through taking stock of where you’ve been, where you are and where you ultimately want to be.

To help assist in changing perspective, even physical changes can help, like travel, sitting on top of a mountain contemplating the next decision, or sitting in the middle of a lake.

The key to generating momentum is to be consistent, to take constructive actions towards your goal on a daily basis. These actions don’t have to be big, but they do have to be consistently maintained to generate the momentum needed to sustain an entrepreneurial business.

Learning how to embrace and implement these 3 abilities will help you to reach your goals, dreams and desires faster and more efficiently. Time and time again I’ve seen success achieved faster than expected, simply through embracing these essential approaches.

So to summarise the 3 core abilities: become acutely aware of the drag you place on yourself, allow yourself to open up your perspective, and start to create momentum through consistent actions.

And together, we’ll move the world to wellness…

Marcus Bird

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