Developing Your Wellness Packages

One of the most common mistakes Therapists and Practitioners make when marketing their private practice is focusing on marketing their Modality instead of their Solution. Clients aren’t so much interested in your modality; rather,  they want the solution your modality offers.

Take for example someone suffering from back pain. One day they hear that their friend’s back pain was fixed by getting acupuncture. So they become intrigued: “If it worked for my friend, maybe it’ll work for me”, they think. After some initial hesitancy (they hate needles) they book in for a session. So let’s take stock here. This person has never had acupuncture before and is scared of needles, so why on earth would they book in to receive a treatment if they are terrified of it?

Usually it’s because of 2 things:

  1. The suffering of continued back pain is GREATER than the fear of getting some needles.
  2. The thought of feeling better (the benefits of the treatment) outweigh the thought of getting needles

So lets get clearer of these 2 points then:

  1. People come to practitioners because they want to alleviate their suffering.
  2. AND they come to practitioners because they want to feel better.

These two things sound the same, but in fact they are VERY different. And that’s what so many practitioners are getting wrong. Clients come to us initially to alleviate their suffering. But that’s just the first step. They also want to aspire to something better.

We guide our practitioner clients to understand that we have three main jobs as Wellness Leaders – to help our clients:

  • Alleviate suffering
  • Aspire towards a better life
  • Actualise a better life

How do we achieve this?

The best type of holistic therapy marketing is to market solutions rather than modalities. By offering wellness packages instead of single sessions we are offering the solution.

We’ll never be able to help our clients live a better life in one session. We of all people know how important support and mentoring is in creating lasting change in our own lives, let alone our client’s life.

So Wellness Leaders introduce Wellness packages and offer various solutions for their clients to choose from in the form of “journeys” to take, rather than just individual sessions.

Wellness requires a journey from suffering to freedom, from stress to peace, from pain to free flow. It’s up to us to educate our clients about the journey they are on.

Developing your Wellness Packages.

By answering these 10 questions below you’ll be well on your way to developing wellness programs that actually foster client compliance, get great life transforming results and earn you a better income in the process:

  1. Where are they now? (Why are they struggling?)
  2. Where do they want to be? (What are their dreams and goals?)
  3. What are the steps they need to take to get there? (What is the framework/journey they need to take)
  4. What support do they need to implement these changes ongoing? (What services, products or modalities do they need to get results?)
  5. What approaches to sleep, movement, rest, hydration, stillness, breath and nutrition do they need to function within an optimal state of wellbeing ongoing?
  6. How far are you willing to go to help your clients find true ongoing freedom from suffering? (Will your packages provide ongoing support and mentoring?)
  7. How long would your programs need to be to support them all the way? (How long to alleviate suffering, create aspiration and then actualise?)
  8. Will you include other practitioners in your wellness packages or will you be a one stop shop for everything?
  9. What benefits will your program provide to your clients that they aren’t currently receiving? (think of their specific problem and their goals and dreams)
  10. How much would these benefits be worth financially? (connect intuitively to the true value of those results and set your prices accordingly)

Copy and paste these questions somewhere where you’ll answer them. Take 5-10 minutes to get clear on them. It’ll give you great insight into what’s possible with your practice and the right direction you should take.

TIP: Use the answers to question 8 and 9 in your marketing. Remember, marketing your wellness packages and programs should focus on the benefits , as well as using certain phrases like: “designed to suit your individual needs”.

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