How To Get More Clients Online? The 8 Keys To Boosting Your Clientele

“How do I get more Clients?”

This is probably the most common question our clients ask us when trying to build their holistic business. If only we all had a steady stream of quality clients who valued our services and paid us what we are truly worth! If only we actually had the knowledge of how to effectively market our therapy or modality in a way that actually gets great results?

These are some tips that have helped our clients revolutionise their practice. These aren’t ALL of the tools and techniques for getting more clients, but we’ve found them to be a great foundation to build your “client attraction” system on.


  • Practice Self Love – are you looking after yourself? Practising what you preach? And being a reflection of your clients potential?
  • Clarify your ideal client – what qualities do you love in a client? Are they ready to heal? Do they want to follow your guidance?
  • Identify their problems – what specific problems do they have? What do they really want? What support do they need?
  • Create a targeted solution – what problem/s are you solving? Is your solution easy to follow? Does it have a step by step process?
  • Write your story – who are you to these people? How can they relate to you? What experiences have you had that they would relate to?
  • Share a Free Training – what advice do they need? What format would be easy for them to understand? Ebook/Audio/Video etc?
  • Collect leads via Website – do you have a way to collect emails in exchange for your free training? This is called an “opt in box”. Set one up asap.
  • Offer a Call to action – Follow up your free training with a simple offer; “if you liked the free training then we have this [your product/service]

If you put these in place in the order mentioned above, you’ll be well on your way to generating a good steady stream of clients. Using an effective online strategy is a great way to boost your clientele and is a foundation of any private practice marketing strategy. Online ways to increase clientele are a great cost effective way to keep your practice thriving.

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