Should We Give Away Free Sessions?

We received another email from a practitioner client this week and thought it would be great to share it with you.

“Hi Andy,
As I’ve been working on the patient scripts and wellness programs I realize that I will need to restructure my initial visits with patients.

Typically, I would give them an initial treatment plan during that first visit, action steps they can start on right away. Now because the focus will be more on choosing wellness programs, I’m wondering what your thoughts are … should I convert that to a free consultation? Still charge a fee, but market it as a special discount? increase the time I spend with them or just keep my fee as is???Any thoughts or advice you may have is greatly appreciated.”


Hi ________________

Nice to hear from you.

We can’t tell you what to do exactly because this differs with
every practitioner, but we can give you some suggestions.

A certain percentage of free consultations will sign up for a
wellness program and the actual percentage will become clearer
over time. Of course you can offer individual sessions but we
always recommend marketing your practice around programs,
not sessions.

Free consultations are a great way for getting people in the door
and increasing your clientele in a very short amount of time.

If you want to offer a free 15-30min consultation use that for
specific promotions/referral systems or have that on your
website as a call to action. On top of this, we recommend
offering free 15-30 min consults only if people request it,
otherwise if they are booking in to see you for the first time,
then charge the normal amount for an initial consult.

The free consult is a great way to get in front of lots of people
a bit like a public talk, but it’s so much better and much more
personal. You can give your advice and suggestions and then
it’s just a matter of conversion percentage. Some will sign up
and some won’t.

But remember the more “qualified” they are the better, then
you won’t be wasting your time and you’ll have more people
sign up. Qualified means: attracting the kinds of clients you
want to work with, who want to work with you, and are willing to
commit the time and money to get results.

So we tend to use the words
“Apply for a free consultation”, that way they are not
guaranteed to receive one unless they fit your category.

You can use the survey option to qualify them by having
some specific questions set up that they have to answer
once they apply. We use “survey monkey” for that and it works
a charm.

Try this:

Use questions like this on your survey:
1) What would you like support with?
2) Are you ready to invest your time and energy to improve
your health now?
3) What do you really want out of life?

So for anyone requesting a free consult send them to your
survey, then you can call those on the survey who qualify and
book them in. For example with a free public talk – you can send
around a feedback form for everyone to put their feedback on
and ask them to leave their details if they’d like a free download
and to apply for a free consult with you.

The feedback form itself can be set up like a survey and that
way you get the answers directly, know who you want to work
with, send the free download to everyone and only call back
those who qualify.

Sound ok?

We’re sure this will help a lot of you struggling at the moment.

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