Leadership From The Heart

If there was one main gem we’d like Practitioners to take away and embody in their practice it must be this:

Self Love and Self Care are the highest priority when running a Holistic Therapy Practice.

Why? Because we’re in the business of healing, and healing is not healing if there is no Love.

After years of studying and trying to run a business it’s so easy to lose track of what really matters.

In our own experience, when we didn’t look after ourselves and lost track of ourselves loving practices like gentle breathing, jogging, yoga, meditation, and having fun :), our energy levels subsided and our clients would start to drop off.

Anyone else had this experience? If so add your comments below.

Over the past 15 years we’ve seen this happen again and again. We’ve also seen it happen with countless clients of ours over the years as well.

As the co-founder of a Qigong Training Program where we’ve trained over 300 people in energetic self maintenance, we’ve seen how energy impacts us as healers and how it can impact our clients positively and negatively.

Basically we’ve bought it down to this one crucial take away piece of advice.

There are 2 sources of Life Energy.

  • The Energy of the Heart
  • The Energy of the (External) Mind

We make choices every moment of every day as to which energy we choose to align with. The energy of the heart is Internal energy, and the energy of the mind is thought based external energy.

When we’re aligned with Self Love we resonate at a level that is ultimately healing to the ourselves and our clients.

When we we align with external energy we lose connection to our own heart, plug into the external world and this can be harmful to ourselves and to our clients.

NOTE: This is the root cause of all energy depletion and lack of financial abundance in our practice.

Now of course, you guys all know this stuff already right? But perhaps a gentle reminder is all that’s needed to stay on track. Besides who else is keeping us on track unless we are?

We’ve found the best way to support Self Love is to ask these questions: (transforming results and earn you a better income in the process)

  1. How does it feel when you truly and deeply LOVE yourself?
  2. How would it look if you loved yourself deeper and broader than ever before?
  3. What Self Loving practices MUST you practice daily to stay aligned with this feeling?
  4. What beneficial difference would that make to your clients?
  5. What beneficial difference would that make to your connection to abundance?
  6. What changes do you need to make right now to commit to deeper Self Love?

So what has this to do with successfully health marketing your private practice?

When focusing on developing our therapy business, or holistic healing practice, aligning with the Heart and accessing our true source of energy will have enormous energetic impacts on our clients and our business that we had previously not noticed.

health marketing

I see our human experience like a Tree. We need to nurture deep roots in Self Love. That will allow our trunk and branches to grow high and wide to receive the light and spread our influence further into the world. The fruit that grows is our purpose or our offering to the world.

In our case that’s our healing business. So ultimately depending on whether we nurture self love or separation – we either offer fruit that is either healing or harming to the world.

The keyword here is “resonance”. Via heart resonance we nurture “connection” and we act as a resonant field that inspires other energetic bodies (ie: other people!) to start resonating at the same frequency. It’s a simple theory, but one that has massive research to back it up. Check out Heart Math Revitalize You! for some products and services that may work for your clients (that find it hard to meditate!).

Or go to Open Sky Qigong if you’re in melbourne to learn some great heart centred energetic practices.

So where are you in relation to Self Love? What practices do you find are most helpful to stay aligned? Where do you struggle? We’d love to hear from you so….