Advertising For Natural Therapists

4 Golden Rules for Natural Therapy Advertising

MAIN KEY of this post: Advertise the Experience and the Results of your Modality NOT the Modality itself.

There are some simple tips that can revolutionize the way you communicate with your community. If you truly value your services and are ready to increase your clientele then make sure you read these words closely.

“People aren’t interested in your modality!”

They want to know if they can trust you and if you can get them results – simple…

Here’s an example ad from a TCM clinic manager wanting to bring in more clientele. This kind of ad may work for very large companies wanting to promote brand recognition, but for your average practitioner it does nothing to actually bring new clients in the door.

therapy advertising

Why? Because it’s advertising Modalities and not Benefits or Solutions.

We’ve outlined 4 main points below that will help you target your audience more effectively and create ads that actually work to increase traffic through your clinic.

You can use this formula for most of your therapy advertising

  • Know your audience – what are their problems?
  • Know the Features, Advantages and Benefits (FAB) of your services
  • Use the FAB model to communicate with your audience
  • Know what you want them to do – call to action


  • Know your audience. Make sure you understand who you are targeting with your ad and what specific problems they have. That way you can address those problems with your ad, build trust and provide an effective solution. Do some market research, get on online forums and develop a solid understanding of what they are needing and where they are struggling. It’s so much easier to offer something to someone who is already looking for solutions rather than trying to educate someone that they need it.
  • Know the Features, Advantages and Benefits of your services. List these in a chart, you should know exactly what you prospects are looking for and why your product or service can help them.
  • Use the FAB model. The FAB model stands for “Features”, “Advantages” and “Benefits”. Make sure you structure your sales copy using this model. For example: Formula: At [your Business name] we use [Modalities] to [Advantages] so that you [Benefits] Eg: We use gentle Chinese Medicine [Feature] to reduce the stress and discomfort of pregnancy [advantages] so you can have the best chance for a natural uncomplicated birth [benefits]. This demonstrates a knowing of the problems the audience is facing, and it “offers’ the reader the solution by focusing on the main benefits they will receive from working with you. This type of communicating gives them a direct experience of what it’s like to work alongside you. By taking them straight to the end results they’re looking for and getting them in touch with the “experience” of those results they will be more inclined to act on your ad.
  • Know what you want them to do? – create a Call to Act. Chances are you want your readers to call you and book in with you. So what is the “call to action”? Why would your readers feel compelled to pick up the phone and make a booking? Every ad should include a call to action that is irresistible and encourages action. There are numerous ways to encourage action, but perhaps the easiest and most direct could be something that offers them an incentive to call like: Reduce Morning Sickness, Back Pain and Stress Naturally – call now for 50% off your first visit…

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