Wellness Leadership – How To Create A Profitable Wellness Website

MAIN KEY of this post: Your Wellness Website Must ADD VALUE First

So many wellness websites I’ve come across just don’t have what it takes to be an effective website. Myself included, I’ve made every mistake in the book! So I’ve decided to outline the main mistakes therapists make in developing their site so you can avoid them and create a profitable wellness website that adds great value and earns fantastic income.

So what are therapists doing wrong?

5 Wellness Website Mistakes

  1. No Niche (common problems) targeting – the site is trying to answer too many needs at once.
  2. Modality focused – practitioners often market their modality rather than the benefits.
  3. Created by designers – most designers aren’t marketers, make sure your website is managed by marketers as well.
  4. No Trust or Rapport developed – don’t sell, better to add value first…
  5. No new clients = no value = no income

So how do we remedy this? Firstly we’ve got to understand website psychology and this comes down to two main questions.

Website Psychology

  1. What kind of people do we want as visitors to our website?
  2. What do we want them to do once they arrive?

Take a moment to answer these yourself. It can be very enlightening 🙂

3 Keys to Great Wellness Websites

So what are the three main principles of a great wellness leadership website? The best websites:

  1. Add Value
  2. Collect Emails
  3. Earn Income

1. You’ve got to add value. Rather than talking about your modality, how about going straight to offering your visitors some self-empowering and interesting content on wellness and wellbeing? Rather than trying to sell them your services, how about starting to develop a relationship built on providing them with simple solutions to their most pressing problems?

2. Once you’re clear that the main purpose of your website is to add value, then the next thing you need to do is create a simple ebook, audio or video training that they can “opt in” for. That way you give them great value and they leave you their email address. Once you have their email address you can continue a relationship with them.

3. Once trust and rapport are developed then you have an opportunity to offer your services and products. So why not make them an offer – “call us now for a free consultation”, or “apply now for a complimentary health check – call us on ph________ .” That way you’re generating new leads for your business and you’ll be “converting” visitors into prospects, once you get a chance to either chat with them in person or over the phone. And that’s how you can make money from your website.

Of course if you’re selling information products through your website the process is similar. You develop trust and rapport by offering your visitors a free training product, then follow them up with an information product. Say something like “hey, if you like this free training then we can support you further with this”….


wellness website

Your Main Website Homepage…

5 Major things to consider for your Main home page

  •  Benefits Oriented headline – goes into banner…
  •  Opt in Form… exchange their email address for a free product…
  • Call to Action… “Call us on ph:….. we’re never too busy to respond to you”
  • Video or Audio – introduce yourself, add some value and direct the visitor to sign up
  • Benefit oriented Bullet points… 3-5 main benefits of working with you

Remember if you don’t get your visitor’s email address, you’ve lost an important opportunity to develop trust and covert that visitor into a prospect.

Well, there you have it. This article is the result of years and years of trial and error, many mistakes and a lot of money spent on high end training in internet marketing. We trust you appreciate the value – please add your comments and likes below, especially your specific questions. I’ll endeavour to answer all questions personally.