Heart Based Leadership – Leading From Within

MAIN KEY OF THIS POST: If you want to be a Heart Based Leader, learn to be vulnerable and Self Loving…

It took me years to accept my vulnerability. As the youngest of 4 boys, I grew up thinking that who I am isn’t ok for others, and to be my sensitive and vulnerable self was to invite attack and ridicule. I ran from myself for 2 decades thinking that to be too open or sensitive was just plain insanity.

Luckily though I made it through ok, I’ve been loved and held through some of the most excruciatingly dark moments by a small handful of beautiful people in my life especially my partner and beloved, Caroline – bless your soul…

– Andy

What does it take for us to open up and accept our vulnerability and return to a place of self love, open-ness and receptivity?

Here’s a beautiful video that always reminds us just how small our problems are and even though we may be super sensitive and vulnerable at times, we’re truly beautiful just as we are and we can achieve more than we could ever possibly imagine…

The Incredible Power of Self Love

It’s so easy to get lost in the day to day muck of life and forget about the simplicity of Nick’s message. We remember watching this video years ago and being swept away with tears as we saw the young students hugging Nick and becoming tender and vulnerable after realising something truly deep and profound had been reflected to them about the “truth” of who they were.

In their tears we felt our own inadequacies and our own tears reflected where we had often left ourselves in search of the elusive idea of our own perfection.

Something we’re sure you can’t relate to yourself right?.

And perhaps this is something many of our own clients feel often too?

This video also reminds us of the incredible power of resonance and reflection. When we live as an example of a Self Loving human being and we aspire to something great in life – it’s not only hugely beneficial to our own inner connection, but it’s catchy and it’s infectious to all those around us as well.

This post is also a reminder of our true purpose as Wellness Leaders – that Self Love comes first and our real “work” is within this simple truth….

We’d like to ask you three questions:

Choose at least one that you like and add your comments below…

    1) What does this video inspire in you?

    2) What qualities are your clients looking for from you?

    3) What changes will you make in your practice after watching this video?