Health Marketing 1 – Becoming A Wellness Educator


Becoming a health and wellness educator is one of the most critical moves you can make towards becoming a Wellness Leader.

Why? Well you may think your modality certifications are enough to develop trust and establish rapport with clients, but we’d like to share a secret with you that the majority of practitioners simply don’t understand:

If you start thinking of yourself as an “Wellness Educator” rather than just a practitioner, you’ll already start differentiating yourself from 95% of the practitioners out there. Also, you’ll get better results in the long term because you’ll be providing your clients and your audience with what they’re actually looking for – knowledge and wisdom to take back control of their health.

Becoming a wellness educator is about discovering the right niche, and once you’re clear on your niche, the next step is to get clear on what self-help advice, techniques, systems, and frameworks you can provide to your clients so they get the results they’re looking for.

Think of yourself as a mentor and trainer, providing your clients and your audience with the exact advice they need to take back control of their own health, and live a life they love with the ongoing health they desire. Both ideas will work for your local community as well as your online community.

You may ask, ” I still want to provide one-on-one treatments and therapy whilst being a Wellness Educator – is it possible? ” Yes it is! And I recommend you do exactly that. By providing valuable educational information that will help your audience improve their situation, you are “empowering” them rather just alleviating their suffering. If you’ve read any of the Wellness Leadership materials, you might remember that focusing on helping your clients aspire to reach their goals is one of the main keys that will distinguish you from the other practitioners out there.

Positioning and Differentiation

Know how to position yourself uniquely within your local and global community so you can offer great value.

Important questions to answer moving forward:

  • What makes you unique?
  • Why are you different than other practitioners?
  • How far are you willing to go to support your clients to get results?
  • What educational information can you provide to help them become empowered?

Whether you’re a Natural Therapist, Acupuncturist, Chiropractor, Coach or any other holistic care practitioner, start to consider what information your audience needs. Think about how you, as an educator, can offer so much more than just a modality.

Let’s start with your title – do you want to be known as only a Naturopath, or would you like people to think of you as the “go to” Health/Wellness Educator or Wellness Consultant who will empower them to gain control of their health and live a more joyful life?

Also, what kind of branding will your audience love seeing? What words will they relate to? Make sure your branding is relevant and very unique to your audience, that way you’ll stand out more in the crowd and most importantly, let your customers trust in you!

Regardless of your marketing strategy or how well you conduct your chosen modality, becoming an Educator is one of the quickest ways to gain trust with an audience that doesn’t yet know you, like you or trust you. So get out there and educate your audience, you’ll be amazed how well this can turn things around for you and your practice.

How far are you going to stand out in the crowd? In what ways are you going beyond your modality to become a trusted advisor and wellness educator?

We would love to hear your insights, share your comments or questions below…

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