Health Marketing 2 – Choose The Right Niche

MAIN KEY of this post: To understand the concept of a Niche and how to use it to transform your Health Practice.

Having a good grasp of what a niche is and finding the right one is essential to your Wellness Business. Starting out with a clear niche definition will set you on the right track for potential online success. Unfortunately, a lot of internet marketers interpret the meaning of niche incorrectly, which is one of the reasons why practitioners hamper their chances of making any kind of real money online and thwart their future health business success.

So what exactly is a Niche?

The best way to get started on a niche is to differentiate between a niche and a target market.

  • A niche is a problem people have that hasn’t been sufficiently solved.
  • A target market is a specific group of people who have that problem as defined in your niche.

A niche is discovered by finding out what problems people have that haven’t been solved to the level they want them to be solved. A common example in the wellness industry are people who have been diagnosed with an illness and who are looking for natural solutions but can’t seem to find any.

You don’t have to spend too much time worrying about the “right” niche – waiting around for the right niche is not the way to learn and grow.  Do some research and get started on one niche to begin with, as things may change and alter later on. But don’t worry: you’ll be learning what not to do by doing it! Rarely do people choose the perfect niche the first time around, so have fun with it and auto-correct as you go.

Why Is A Niche Important?

Many practitioners have fear around choosing a niche. It’s because they believe that by choosing a niche, they will somehow miss out on treating everyone outside of that niche, which to them, means less clients and less income.

But in the experience of hundreds of successful practitioners, choosing a niche turns out to be the best business choice they’ve ever made.


  • Specialising in a specific area, or focusing your services and products on treating a specific problem is the BEST way to become known as an authority in that area.
  • One of the keys to becoming a leader in the wellness industry is to position yourself in a way so that others perceive you as a trusted authority. And the best way (and some say the only way) to do that is to focus on solving specific problems. In other words – working within a niche.

Why get more specific?

  • Trying to market to everyone takes an enormous budget.
  • If you know who you’re targeting, you can save time, energy and money by targeting your marketing towards that specific group.
  • By being clear and focused on a niche, you’ll love your work more because you’ll be helping people very specifically. In return, you’ll get much better results and receive raving fans, increased referrals, and a much better income in the process!

Choosing the Right Niche

A good niche isn’t something you choose – it’s something you discover. For your business to be successful and a reflection of your true potential, then you’ll need to consider what might support your business to not just scrape by, but to naturally evolve and flourish.

In a nutshell – you don’t choose a Niche, you do good, quality research and discover one or create one. So many practitioners focus on their own individual values and then go out there trying to sell those values to the world. Alternatively, how about getting clear on your values and then discover what people are really needing? What are some major problems that people are having right now? What experience do you have that might help them? Can you test first to see if there are many people already looking for help in this area so it becomes a wise business decision as well as a great service to your community?

Yes you can.

We would love to hear your insights.

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