Health Marketing 1 – How To Become a Wellness Leader

MAIN KEY OF THIS POST: Learn how to leverage your Practice using effective Health Marketing so both you AND your clients can evolve.

As a Wellness Practitioner, you believe in standing out among other health businesses and professionals by providing  unique and high-quality services to your clients. On the journey from Wellness Practitioner to Wellness Leader, there are three things you must learn to do

The True Essence of Wellness Leadership

  1. Being 100% committed to Self-Loving Practices
  2. Being 100% committed to Optimal Wellbeing
  3. Bringing your Wisdom and Intelligence into Business

There are three main reasons we become Wellness Practitioners and Coaches:

  1. We want to help others;
  2. We want to make a difference in the world;
  3. We want to live a life of authenticity.

In order to achieve our purpose, we must understand how business operates! In my work as a Health Business Coach and Wellness Practitioner, I’ve discovered the essential keys to building a practice efficiently and effectively by focusing on several important key points:

  • Think more like an entrepeneur with a strong vision and a way to fulfill it
  • Make your business automated with proper Systems
  • Work on your business more than in it
  • Learn how to leverage your position in your specific niche and reach a global audience

So, what is leveraging and can it really help with your health marketing?

Leveraging is about gaining altitude over your current situation, seeing the bigger picture, creating an inspiring vision, and most importantly taking action to lift yourself and your clients higher. Leveraging is about creating models that support both you and your clients to evolve to a higher place.

There are 4 Main Keys to Leveraging

  1. Choose people you Love: Work with people who inspire  and understand you!. Although it can be easier said that done, it’s important to acknowledge who you truly want to work with; if you do this you will increase vitality and passion in your business.
  2. Uncover their “unsolved” Major Problem: Learn to be a detective and a problem solver. Look beyond your modality. Make sure your clients are aware of their problem/challenge and are actively looking for Self-Empowering tools for healing.
  3. Create the Solution:Ask them – What are they really needing? Once this question is clear then it’s time to start looking outside the box. Can you create an online or an offline solution? Or can it be both? This is where you can be creative in how you choose to heal your clients.
  4. Make your Solution a “Journey” – To help your clients evolve along their own Wellness Journey towards life fulfilment, make sure your advice is “systemised” and that it has steps and principles for them to follow. This will give them the highest chance of success and will also pave the way for you to evolve towards Leadership.

So what changes can you make in your approach to your practice so you can better serve your clients? How can you provide creative solutions for healing using online and offline methods?

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