Health Marketing 3 – Position Yourself In Front Of Your Audience

MAIN KEY OF THIS POST: Learn how to set the stage to offer valuable advice to your audience (so that they listen!)  and know the right way to position yourself as a Wellness Leader in front of your audience.

Setting The Stage

Some of the problems that Practitioners make when becoming a Wellness Leader is trying to offer their advice and guidance without first establishing trust and rapport with their audience. When you try to educate others and share your message without first checking to see if your audience actually trusts you and are engaged with what you are trying to communicate to them, you’ll lose their attention and there will be no way for you to offer them your solutions.

Finding the Right Positioning

Another issue that arises for Practitioners when trying to share their message is they don’t understand how to position themselves on the stage in front of their audience. The stage is whatever platform you choose: either online video, blog, website, Facebook and other social media, printed ads, brochures or public talks. it is important that you find the right stage to suit you, your message and your business.

Story Telling

The link that bridges your audience to you is your unique story. Story has been the pre-dominant form of communication for the last 5000 years. Human beings relate to stories better than they do to facts – through story our humanity can be expressed. Through story, we can feel the emotions and empathy that connects us. When we hear other people’s personal stories, we can translate it into our own understanding and make it mean whatever we choose.

The “Struggle for Freedom” story, sometimes called the woe-to-win story is the BEST story for positioning yourself as a Wellness Leader. The reason? So many people are suffering and they want a solution. They want someone to relate to, someone who understands their struggle and has experienced something similar, but has also found a way out of his suffering into freedom. They want to trust in someone, but they don’t want to put their trust in just anyone – they want to trust someone who can get them the results they are seeking.

Why Share?

Collaboration and Authenticity are the new paradigm of the wellness industry. Patients and prospective clients want to hear more about you, and those who are unwilling to share their own humanity will soon become untrustworthy to their audience, while those who are open and honest about their own life, dreams and struggles will become the new leaders. Ask yourself:

  • What have you struggled with?
  • What have you learned through that struggle?
  • What can you teach so that others can get similar results?
  • Do you want to live a better life?
  • What have you experienced personally that can help them aspire to live a better life?
  • Where is your own bridge that will connect you with your audience?

Once you understand their problems, the next step is to find from your own personal, educational or clinical experience, a story that they can relate to, one that develops trust and shows them that they can get great results too.

What’s your story that positions you positively in front of your audience? What other techniques have you used? Why or why haven’t they worked? Please add your comments below.

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