Wellness Marketing 1 – Share your Authentic Story

MAIN KEY OF THIS POST: A great way to build Trust in the New Paradigm of the Wellness Industry is by being exceptional and uniquely “You”.

The more “you” you can be, the better. The good news is there is only ONE of you on the entire planet, so there goes any notion of competition! You are who your audience wants to connect with, nobody else.

The real You is the “human” with imperfections, not just the victorious and unreachable You. The more you can set your stage as a truly unique presence and the more you can touch your audience with your story, then the more trust and rapport you will develop. This will help build a trusted list of followers who will refer you to their friends and family.

For example: there could be 100 Relationship “experts” out there advertising their services, but the one that someone chooses might be the one who shares openly and honestly about the struggles and the joy of a truly loving relationship. Someone who isn’t afraid to acknowledge their own faults and imperfections, but also shares what they have come to understand about how to develop true intimacy within relationships.

They may share about all their own relationships that failed, why they failed, and what they did or didn’t do to create that. Then, they might share what they learned through those experiences that brought them into true intimacy. Through this sharing of their own personal story, they’ve opened the door to you and then there’s a much greater chance that you will acknowledge them for sharing and trust them all the more.

Local Practice Trust & Rapport

Take some “good ol” health business coaching advice here and learn to build trust and rapport with your local audience by following these guide lines:

  • Do lots of public talks or webinars and meet lots of people, and share authentically.
  • Provide your audience with plenty of information about your services so they will be well-informed before they come and see you.
  • On the initial phone call, or when the client is making a booking, the best thing to do is NOT sell but instead build trust and rapport.

So, the better the connection, the more trust is built and the more a client will be drawn to working with you for the long term. Long term clients are great because they are committed and wanting to take responsibility for their health. Therefore they are compliant AND they are worth more to us and our practice in terms of long term referrals and profitability. This is why using and memorising a phone script is essential. You can access all our phone scripts in our members area by clicking here:

After the initial phone call or booking, sending them an email package is a great approach to develop trust and rapport. Yet, the most important thing is what you say upon the initial phone call, and what you will do eventually to follow up that phone call is also a big deal. Both of these things will make a big difference to your conversion rates for new clients.

Your STORY, a free training product and an information PDF with everything they need to know about your services, including wellness programs and a questionnaire, can be included in your email pack.

Also, you should gather their email address so as to continue the relationship online by adding more value for them, and this opens up for the potential to serve them with online products and information.

Using these 3 techniques below will build tremendous trust and rapport with your audience:

  • Share your Story
  • Create a Free Training Product
  • Create an info Email Pack


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