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00:20 Understanding 1:Many:1

Hi there! It’s Andy from Wellness Leadership Academy.

Lately, we’ve found a lot of people asking us “How do you leverage a 1:1 local practice scenario and start getting clients online. And there’s a whole science behind this but I want to show you really quickly how you can do this in 3 or 4 really simple steps.

Understanding 1:Many:1

Now, first thing we need to understand is we’re going from 1:many:1, which is ultimately about taking your expertise, speaking in front of a lot of people or over a webinar, to ultimately have a bunch of one-on-one conversations with people. To have them join you in a high-end program where they’re going work with you.

So, this is the way to do it .

First, send lots and lots of traffic. This can be traffic through facebook, facebook ads, social media, could be email marketing, could be even in your local practice, could be joint venture partners, could be sponsors, and lots of different ways, linkedin, lots of ways to getting traffic to a landing page.

Now, on the landing page, you’ve got to have a freebie that lands in the lap of your audience and they go: “Oh man, that’s exactly what I need!” So, once somebody comes on to a landing page, and signs up, they end up going to a thank you page.

Thank you page is absolutely critical, ‘because all the research suggests that there’s a certain amount of people that are going to land on that thank you page and be ready to take another step with you straight away. Usually 10 to 15, sometimes up to 20%. So, a good thing to offer here on a thankyou page is what we call, well, you can offer a webinar, you can offer an intro evening talk, you can offer a workshop, you can offer a bunch of different things where you are actually communicating 1:many.

Now, once somebody signs up to that, you begin to get a very small window, probably 5% of people that may actually take the next step with you and actually purchase a very small product like what we call “one-time offer” product. Now that could be an e-book, it could be a published book, it could be a strategy call with you that you’re charging for. But these things are one-time offers that’s the next logical step for somebody to take with you. You have 5-10%, that could be a warm lead who are immediately ready to take that extra step with you. And if you don’t offer that, then they’re going to miss out on that.

So, what we normally do here is we have the webinar, we run a webinar and we actually can run people straight into a phone call. So we might offer 5 to 10 people on the webinar an opportunity to apply for either a strategy call or in our case we have people apply directly to our program.

And so, what happens there is we go from a 1 on 1 scenario in your local practice and we go to 1:many or we speak to a lot of people all at once on a webinar or public talk. And then we offer a certain amount of people after a webinar or public talk or a workshop, a private call with us and an opportunity to have a conversation with us. The more conversations you can have with your A-grade potential clients, the more people you going to bring in to work with you at the highest level. And you going to be able to get them the best results and they going to pay you the best.

What we want to do from here is have a conversion of about 20-30%, that’s a pretty good conversion right? So if you have 10 people signed up for call, 2 or 3 of them sign up for a $5,000 program. You’ve got an extra 15 grand. And so, that’s where you earn your money. They sign up for a program with you – a coaching program, or personal development program, or a lifestyle program that you can add on top of what you are doing on your local practice. And then eventually, you’ve got communication that happens with your members. And that communication can be delivered through webinars, that can be delivered through videos, that can be delivered through emails, or a private Facebook group. But that’s once they’re inside your program, that’s when you can deliver some content and some coaching.

So, I hope that’s been helpful. Really simple 4 steps process to earn larger chunks of income real quick.

I’m Andy from Wellness Leadership Academy and will see you soon!