Potential is a very personal endeavor, in fact it is sometime hard to uncover what is our potential, how do we know if we have reached it and is it possible to extend it and deepen it?

We think that potential is a feeling, a frequency and resonance. It is not a thought or an action but rather a deeper knowing that there is something more to do. It is a knowing that you have something to offer the planet, to share with others and to express fully. It might not be clear or practically known but rather something that is sensed and in this way you know whether you have reached it or not.

Because it’s not success in the traditional sense, as we see many successful wellness business owners, fully booked up in a busy practice but not sharing the depth of their wisdom but rather just sharing their amazing modality. This is great but it’s not their wisdom, it’s someone else’s wisdom. Apart from the fact that people are searching more and more for your wisdom and not your modality it’s about being fulfilled which your modality won’t provide. It’s the ability to share all of your wisdom fully, to get a bigger reach and help all those people you are here to help. It’s about doing your best work in the best way for the best results for all.

But so many people never reach their full potential, never leave a legacy and never have the lifestyle they have the potential to create, why?

Andy and I so often see the prevalence of this in the wellness industry at alarming rates. The conflict between service and abundance, deserving and self worth seems to get in the road. The sabotage of ‘it’s not possible’ disguised as practical reality often gets in the road of this deeper success.

The first step in actualizing your full potential has to come from a connection to that inner knowing. That little voice that is driving you to do better, to share more and to reach the success you know you deserve. Aligning with this frequency is critical if you are to reach your full potential.

Right now, regardless of your current success, there is the potential of finding your deeper potential, reaching your ‘A’ grade tribe and to work from anywhere.

Right now you have infinite potential to reach an infinite amount of people, earn an abundance of money and have all the time freedom you want. When you hear this does your mind then get in the road with the HOW question? This is the one question that sabotages most people. ‘But this is great Marcus and Andy but how?’ It’s a great questions but one you should not be focused on right now. The first step in this process to understanding the potential of your full potential is to tune into the frequency and vibration of this potential.