When I think about the journey we have been on from those early days of graduating in our modality, finding a clinic space, starting to see clients one at a time, to learning better ways of being more effective to now running a fully leveraged international business I can’t help but think about the sometimes rough road it took to get here.

One of the more frustrating and difficult parts of the journey was the ability to narrow down the focus and niche our practice. To try and pick that one thing that you are going to focus on and niche into. I remember I used to envy people at school who knew exactly what they wanted to be when they grew up. They were clear about the road map ahead, could focus on mastering that one thing and eventually follow that dream. The same applied when I became a therapist and coach, trying to decide where to put my focus and who my ideal client was became a frustrating and painful exercise.

Maybe it was the difficulty of choosing? Maybe it was the fear of choosing? Or maybe it is just that I have too much stuffitis!

Andy and I hear a lot about the difficulty of finding and then following the ‘thing you are meant to do!’ That one focus niche, to that one focus market or client. Sometimes I think the main issue is not fear, is not an inability to find it but rather just too much stuffitis.

Stuffitis is when you have so many skills, that can help so many different issues and so many different people that it’s nearly impossible to pick just one. The more you look into it the harder it seems to get. As you dive into the choosing, because you have heard that you need to focus down and niche, it seems that everytime you get close to finding ‘IT’ it seems to elude you. We get it, it something that Andy and I struggled with for years, however when we found it, got crystal clear and focussed everything changed.

We have seen this time and time again that when holistic practitioners and coaches get crystal clear about their niche, their target market and their magic that all manner of success comes their way. The more finite you niche the more success you have, which may seem a little counter intuitive but it absolutely works.

We have seen our clients go from 1:1 to 1:Many, building a sold tribe of clients who love what they do and pay them well for it. We have seen them get television spots, radio spots and magazine articles. We have seen them have the world’s number one Podcast, write their number one bestselling book right through to having location freedom so that they can work from anywhere and build the lifestyle they have always wanted to have.

So what does it take to get out of stuffitis and find your place in the world, choose your niche and find your tribe that love your magic?


Here is three questions that you can task yourself that might help…

  1. If you had to start a global discussion, a conversation on only one topic what would that topic be?
  2. What is the one key underlying topic or primary focus you have when you are speaking with your clients?
  3. If you were to check in with yourself at a deep level, and ask yourself ‘what are you being called to share with the world, what would that topic be?’


You see if you can located, connect with and share your deeper calling, that one conversation and that one core mission, that golden thread you were born with, that you are here to share (which we all have by the way) then life, business and your impact on the planet amplifies. It will allow you to make a bigger difference, get better results and help more people.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find and choose this deeper calling, find your niche, locate your target market and own your magic, I know it was for us. So often the ‘HOW’ question jumps in and stops you completing the questions. Right now let go of the how and focus on the what. What is it? We can show you the how…

So if you would like some help, support and assistance then why not join Andy and I at the Wellness Leadership Revolution where in two days you will walk away clear about your niche, identified your target market and connected with your magic. Where you will walk away with your signature program framework, completed and ready to share out into the world so you can offer more of your healing fruit to your ideal tribe.

If this is you then join Andy and I as we guide you through the processes, systems and tools that have helped thousands of our clients reach their full potential, make a bigger difference in the world and have time, location and financial freedom so they can work from anywhere.

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Andy and I look forward to supporting you to actualise your full potential as a holistic practitioner and coach, because now is the time and you CAN do it!


Marcus and Andy