Wellness Practitioner Myths and Mistakes Made Around Christmas Time

Here we are, coming up to Christmas time. In Australia, that means six weeks of summer holidays. For many of us, this is the time of year when the most money pours out – and also when we have the least amount coming in. Friends, this is a sure recipe for stress.

Maybe like I used to, you believe in the three common myths of the Christmas Period:

  1. The Wellness Industry is dead at this time.
  2. People aren’t interested in healing themselves at this time.
  3. It’s a good time to shut up shop and forget about business building.

Do you believe in these myths? If so, they are most definitely true for you.

Do you feel comfortable having a vastly reduced income over the Christmas period?

How has this belief impacted your life?

Common Practitioner Mistakes made around Christmas time

  • Calling off your marketing too early: Not continuing with a promotion during the Christmas period is a real waste of an amazing opportunity.
  • Failing to truly understand your clients’ needs at this time: Imagining that people are not available or interested – when in fact, many people are dissatisfied with their year and are wanting support to create a better year ahead.
  • Failing to pre-load January with highly quality prospects and clients: Given the opportunity, many people would love to make an investment in a product or service to help them plan an awesome year ahead.

Changing Our Perspective

Here’s something to think about:

More self-made millionaires are made in times of global financial crisis than at any other time.

Now, I’m not suggesting that our aim should be to become a self-made millionaire :). But what does this piece of information say about people and what they can accomplish when they are not being held hostage to the prevailing mythology?

In every problem there lies a solution. We just need to understand what’s really going on with our prospects at this time, align with them and offer a simple, intuitive solution that makes sense to them.

What People are REALLY Thinking

If you understand the problem, then you can see the opportunity. Here’s a few things people might be thinking (who knows, maybe you might be thinking these things as well!).

  • “I worked hard this year – but I don’t have much to show for it”
  • “I didn’t lose the weight I wanted to”
  • “I’m still tired and depressed”
  • “I’m still in pain and discomfort”
  • “I didn’t find my ideal partner”
  • “I didn’t fulfill my goals”
  • “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for”
  • “I failed to really step up and serve”
  • “I didn’t earn the income I wanted”
  •  “I still haven’t created my ideal body”
  • “I still haven’t fixed my [health problem]
  • “I’m still not living my true potential”

In a nutshell, people are thinking like this:

I still haven’t found what I’m looking for…

I hope that next year will be different…

And that’s where you come in. Now that you know what people are thinking and just how important your services are right now, what’s next?

We’ll talk about that in next week’s blog, but if you can’t wait, check out the recording of our webinar that we did on this very subject here.

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