The Importance of Client Conversion

In our last blog, we discussed the three Christmas myths, the three common mistakes practitioners make over the Christmas period and what people are really wanting from their wellness practitioner over the Christmas break.

We know people still haven’t found what they’re looking for, and that they hope that next year will be different. We also know that the New Year is a very powerful time energetically for people to set goals and intentions for their upcoming year.

But they need your help. After all, if they didn’t, they wouldn’t be anxious, confused and suffering. You know this – so what’s next?

A Client Conversion Event.

What is a Conversion Event?

A conversion event is where you create an opportunity for people to come and meet you and  listen to what you have to say. At this event you would remind them of their problem, offer them something of value and give them an opportunity to make some powerful changes in their life.

Your Conversion Event needs to:

  • Be valuable – as in it needs to solve a real and pressing problem.
  • Provide transformational potential…
  • Just like magic!

When planning your conversion event, you need to ask yourself these four questions:

  1. Think of one problem
  2. Think of a free solution to that problem
  3. Think of the problem that arises from that solution
  4. Think of a paid program to solve that problem.


Problem: “I want to improve my health”

Free Solution: Webinar – Your Top 5 Health Goals for 2014

New Problem: “Now that I know what my goals are, how do I achieve them?

Paid Solution: 21 day Kickstart program – Start the year with Power and Passion


  • Create a free event – it could be a webinar, video training or a public talk, and direct people who attend these events to book into your program.
  • Set up free strategy sessions: send out 3 emails alerting your audience to a special (free) promotion.
  • Make 30-100 phone calls, using a script, and pre-book some free sessions – and plan to convert half of them to paying clients.

If you use a combination of these three it will give you the best results and fill up your books really fast.

The next big challenge is conversion – you need to be able to convert these interested prospects into paying clients.

Six Common Mistakes in Client Conversion

  1. We give away too much
  2. We give away too little
  3. We don’t know the right words to use
  4. We don’t follow the right structure
  5. We don’t follow the right sequence
  6. We shy away from making the sale

Educate AND offer


Educate THEN offer

Do you see?

The Importance of Conversion

Being able to convert your prospects into paying clients is so important. I’ll give you an example: Let’s say we have four different practitioners of equal ability who have each booked 15 free sessions in January as a way of selling their New Year Kick-start program valued at $1000:

  • The first practitioner has a conversion rate of 10% – they earn $1500.
  • The second practitioner has a conversion rate of 25% – they earn $3250.
  • The third practitioner has a conversion rate of 50% – they earn $7500
  • The fourth practitioner has a conversion rate of 75% – they earn $11250

Same experience, same program, same number of clients – very different earning capacity. As you can see, conversion is one of the most important skills any wellness practitioner can learn, and not only because it increases income:

  • People need our programs so we can support them to transform their lives – right?
  • People will get far more from you by doing your work, than by doing anything else.
  • So it’s of major importance that you realise that learning conversions not only serves you by earning you more income – it’s actually the MAIN thing that you need to learn to help people get over the line from Curious to Committed…
  • From suffering to freedom
  • From lost and confused to clear and full of passion and purpose…
  • This is our JOB – and if we’re not learning these Conversion systems and strategies then we’re not fulfilling our true purpose…and that is to do whatever we can to serve our audience and help them live a better life.

So on a scale of 1 – 10, where are you right now in terms of your knowledge and skills at conversions?

Where would you like to be?

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