Creating Systems for your Wellness Practice

Our Practice Automation Systems are tools that will help us go from good to great, or from Start-up Practice to Successful Practice. Many Health and Wellness Practitioners do not create systems and thus fail to truly leverage their practice from a Start-up Practice to a Leveraged Practice that supports lifestyle freedom on all levels.


Systems are the foundation of leveraging your practice. As part of running a wellness practice, we continuously have to complete small and menial tasks day after day. These menial tasks can take up a surprising amount of the day; time that we could better spend doing other things.

Unless we make changes to how we do things, nothing can or will get better. Rather than working on countless menial tasks each week and getting nowhere, when you put systems in place you can follow a plan, have a strategy and actually start developing your practice. In short, creating systems is about getting organised!

We need to change the way we think about systems. Creating systems in your practice is one of the best ways to avoid stress and overwhelm. This keeps us functioning optimally, which makes us able to offer our clients the best reflection of Wellbeing.  Creating systems is one of the key actions when we work ON our practice.


So often just the mention of the word “system” is enough to turn people away. I remember when the word “business” used to put me off (actually I still prefer the word “practice” as “business” tends to create an image of a dry boring world of corporate offices and busy-ness 🙂 )

Here’s a better way of getting an understanding of the value of systems…have you ever said to yourself:

“I’m tired of having to do everything myself”
“I want to find a way to work less and earn more”
“My business is stressing me out and draining me”
“I never seem to get the results I’m looking for”
“I need someone to help me but don’t know where to start”

Do you relate to two or more of these quotes? If so, then you better pay attention because I am about to tell you something about Systems that will give you exactly what you NEED to hear to finally create your dream practice.


  1. Empty
  2. Categorise
  3. Detach
  4. Systemise
  5. Delegate

Empty: Write down everything that you do in your business – every task, large or small. Ask yourself: If I were sick or away, what would someone else have to do to keep my business ticking over?

Categorise: Now that you have written down all of your daily actions (wow, you didn’t know that you did so much did you?), start sorting them into different lists:

  • Daily to Do
  • Weekly to do
  • Monthly to do
  • Other Stuff

Detach: Now, detach yourself from your tasks. Look at each activity with a cool and objective eye, and identify tasks that are:

  • Repetitive in nature
  • Tasks that you don’t like or enjoy
  • Not worth your maximum hourly rate

Now you’ve made some order in your chaos, it’s time to create your System!

Choose ONE of the 9 Categories Below to start:

  • Content
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Delivery
  • Retention
  • Administration
  • Finance
  • Management
  • Training

Take the category you have chosen and fill it with all of the tasks, large and small, that go into making this part of your Practice work.

Review: Now it’s time to cross-check your systems, and fine tune them.  You can create a sequence for your actions using a flow chart and identify areas where you can improve your efficiency or outcomes.

Now of course, we can’t fit everything about creating Wellness Practice Systems  into a weekly article; some people will take to this kind of work like ducks to water and others will struggle. If you need help with any part of systemising your practice, leave a question in the comments.