Seven Strategies To Build Your Wellness Clients

As practitioners, we know how important it is to access and look after the people in our local area – but how do we do it? We’ve put together some simple tips we have used that really helped us get people walking in the door – and we know you’re going to find these ideas a big help.

Public Speaking

Plan a public speaking strategy over 30 days. You can send a feedback form after the talk and ask people to enter their contact details if they would like to have a copy of the slides and talk notes sent to their inbox.


When you meet people, ask for their business card or contact details to send them further information–these people can be on your referral list or potential wellness business partners. You could also consider having a free ebook on a landing page. This is a great way for other associates to send people to you as well as being another way of building your contact list.

Local Exhibitions and Stalls

 Walk around the market or exhibition with a clipboard and ask people if they would like to go into a prize draw for a wellness package. Make a note of their email address and inform them that they will be notified through email.

Wellness Promotion

Have a wellness promotion where everyone who enters their email address in the draw wins a prize (the prize might be a free ebook) as well as going into the draw for a major prize can help you build your local list.

Referral Vouchers/Systems

Put together an introduction/referral pack and incorporate a voucher or a flyer for your free eBook (ensure that is has a monetary value –such as “valued at $47”); this way, all referral clients and new clients will get to visit your website and signup to your list.

Ask for emails during the first phone call

Upon booking the client in for their first session, ensure you ask for their email address so as to send them a confirmation email. In their confirmation email you can ask their permission to stay on the list to receive more valuable wellness support.

Have a clipboard in your waiting area

Another step in building a local list is having a sign in your clinic advertising your eBook and a clipboard for all people waiting to add their email address and receive their own copy in their inbox.

What’s your favourite way to build your list of local clients?

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