Your Wellness Practice Blueprint – Creating a Powerful Vision

Your Wellness Practice Blueprint is essentially a map. What does a map do? It gives you direction when you don’t know where you’re going. Think about it like this: if you arrived in a place you had never been before, would you just start driving around, hoping that you would somehow find where you are meant to be? Would you look around and follow someone else who looked nice and hope that they are going to the same place (don’t laugh, I have a friend who does this). Why wouldn’t you do this? Because it would be frustrating, ineffective, unsuccessful and inefficient – and pretty likely you’d never find what you were looking for.

You need to think of your practice journey as a journey like any other – for your journey to run smoothly you must have a map, and for that map to be useful, you must first know who you are, where you are, what you are doing and where you are going.

 Purpose, Passion, Practice

When you are creating your Practice Blueprint (your map) you need to ask yourself these three questions:

1. Purpose: What am I doing?

2. Passion: Why am I doing it?

3. Practice: How can I accomplish my purpose?

Wellness Practice: Your Purpose

Your very first step is to have a clear idea of where you and your Wellness Practice are heading, and what it is that you want from your practice. Be precise:

  •  Would you like more clients? How many do you want?
  • How many days would you like to work?
  • How much money would you like to earn?
  • What kind of work do you want to spend most of your time doing?
  • What kind of people would you love to work with?

The wonderful thing about your purpose is that it is constantly changing. So today your purpose might be to attract more clients. In six months time it might be to create a monthly newsletter. In 12 months time it might be to develop a product range of your own medicines. The important thing is to identify your current purpose and focus your energy on making that happen.

Wellness Practice: The Passion

This may seem obvious but it pays to check in, because like your purpose, your passion is ever evolving. The passion that drove you when you first set up your practice is not likely to be the same five years on. Your Wellness Practice has to be something that you are passionate about for it to be successful. Take some time to sit with yourself and ask these questions:

  • What inspires me about my Practice?
  • What do I want from my Practice?
  • How will a successful Practice benefit my life, my relationships, my energy levels and my stress levels?
  • How do I define success? Be mindful here – everyone defines success differently. Be clear on what success means to you.
  • What difference will a successful practice make to me, to others, to the world?

Wellness Practice: The Practice

To make your Wellness Practice successful, you will need to dedicate Time and Resources to it. You will need to Commit, Focus and Prioritize.

 You want a successful Practice? How much do you want it?

 Ask yourself:

  • How much time per week can I dedicate to make this happen? Block the time out on your calendar. Commit.
  • How will I look after myself, my health and my energy levels during this time? Be specific – write down the practices you will do to nurture yourself, to maintain your health and energy levels. There are no prizes for burn-out.
  • Remember: As a Heart-Based Wellness Practitioner, your first responsibility is to your own well being. People will look to you to be an inspiring model of wellness:

Other people are looking to you for a reflection of themselves, not to heal them or make them a better person. True healing is about self-acceptance and a return to self love. Love yourself, prioritize yourself, accept yourself and your patients will see their own potential reflected back at them.

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Top picture: Hand walk to success by Chanpipat: Free Digital Photos

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