The Three Golden Keys of Wellness Leadership

Three phases of Wellness Leadership

  1. Alleviation

  2. Aspiration

  3. Actualisation

You may have heard me talk about the three phases or Three Golden Keys of Wellness Leadership before, but sometimes it’s good to go back to basics and have a really good look at what these words actually mean for you, your Wellness Business and your clients. Make no mistake, the Three Golden Keys are integral to your future as a Wellness Leader. How do I know this? Because not only have the Three Golden Keys proved to be true in my own practice, but they have proven to be true many times over in the lives of practitioners just like you.


All practitioners are trained to alleviate suffering. It’s what we do, it’s why we chose to study wellness in the first place. Using our modality, we want to change the world, to help people move out of suffering and back onto the path of wellness. Choosing to support people in alleviating their suffering is necessary and important – but you have to know it’s just the first step. You need to ask yourself:What do my clients really want beneath all their suffering? If you were to ask them, and I hope that you do, you will find that most of your clients want their lives to be better – and that doesn’t just mean being released from suffering…


When we move our Practice into Phase Two, we start to consider what our clients are aspiring to be or do:

  • What are their goals and dreams?
  • What are their hopes and aspirations?
  • What do they really want out of their life?

We start to recognise that underneath their pain and suffering our clients have lost connection with themselves. I had this realisation in my own practice, so I started helping my clients re-connect to themselves. They would leave my clinic feeling connected and at peace…and then head back out into the world in all of its chaos, pain and glory and fall straight back into the same old patterns as before. I soon realised that if my patients were relying on me to access themselves then I was doing them a disservice by teaching them to depend on me for something that they could do far better themselves. I realised that my clients aspired to be more self-empowered and self-connected WITHOUT having to rely on me to help them make this re-connection. I realised what they really needed was mentoring and guidance, not to be saved.



This is where things really started to change for me, and let me tell you, this is where things will change for you too. In this phase, Wellness Practitioners realise that they need to support people in their move from aspiring to a better life to actualising that better life. In my own Practice, I started developing products and and programs that would help my clients do just that. I realised that the path to well being was nearly impossible to navigate without a map and guide (mentor). Think about it for a minute: I bet you had some help on your path to wellness! And think about how much easier it would have been if you had a map and someone to help you when you got lost! So now I had two sets of clients – the people I was treating in an alleviation way in my clinic, and the people I was working with in a mentoring, coaching, facilitating capacity. And guess what? My coaching clients were making huge progress, turning their lives around and improving all aspects of their lives, much more quickly than even I expected. Interestingly, many of these clients and students are now Wellness Leaders themselves! So, to launch yourself on this evolutionary journey from Wellness Practitioner to Wellness Leader, your focus needs to be more on aspiration and actualisation than on alleviation. For me, I used my tools of meditation and Qi Gong to teach my clients how to connect to themselves, but you will have your own tools that you use on a daily basis to connect yourself. Share them in a way that can help your clients get what you have got: your connected self is an inspiration to your clients. It has to be, or why would they be looking to you to heal them?

Other people are looking to you for a reflection of themselves, not to heal them or make them a better person. True healing is about self-acceptance and a return to self-love.


Art: Key to Success by aopsan via Free Digital Images

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