After a busy day at work preparing for our Masters live immersion event I received a call that no parent wants to receive. I answered to the sound of the principal’s voice informing me that Lucy, my 8-year-old, had taken a fall off the balance beam during gymnastic and she may have broken her arm. I think at the time, due to the busyness of the office, I did not really take it all in and therefore remained fairly calm until I picked Lucy up.


There’s nothing worse than seeing your child in distress, pain and looking miserable. She was grey, sad-faced and over-all was not her usual self. Having been a ski patroller I could see the tell tale signs of someone with a level of shock just by looking into her eyes. I knew then that the outcome was not going to be all clear.


On the drive to the hospital, Lucy perked up to the point that I thought maybe she just had a soft tissue injury rather than a break however x-rays do not lie.


Lucy had a complex fracture on her lower left arm near her elbow, the biggest part of the bone, so she must have given it quite a knock.


As I sat there in the hospital as the doctors and nurses fussed over Lucy it got me thinking about a strange thought. As an entrepreneur, I’m always receiving insight from my life experiences and this was one of those moments where even though I was fully present with Lucy and supporting her, everything stopped for a moment and a question arose.


What does it take to break free from a current situation and elevate yourself to another level of success? In retrospect, after Lucy’s time at the hospital, I had some time to think over this. What does it take to finally break free from limiting beliefs, thoughts and actions that may have been getting in the way. Or just to move past a level of success (or not success) that you might have been stuck at for way too long?


Now there are a lot of things to consider when we think about elevating one’s success. The practical know how issues of the things you know you don’t know all the way to the things you don’t know that you don’t know. These are the most frustrating practical things because if you knew then you might do something about it and change your situation. Like Lucy’s broken bone at the time before x-rays, there was stuff going on that we did not know.


However, the practical issues that we know or don’t know that we need to know all come down to the ability to expand our vision of possibility, to be able to see beyond the current situation of stuckness.


If we consider that the mind plays a significant role in our ability to expand our field of view, then breaking old habits, thoughts and actions are critical to achieving another level of success that up until now you may not have experienced.


Andy and I often see it with wellness business owners who are successful versus those that are not. There is a definite difference in mindset between those that have total time, location and financial freedom and those that are still stuck in a 1:1, bricks and mortar time for money practice.


There are obvious differences in the way these two types of business owners think. We would call them wellness practitioner and wellness leader. Leadership is the key to unlocking the success mindset that can empower you to gain total freedom or at least step up to another level of success.


So what are the core mindset differences of these two ways of thinking and how can you break free and engage the Wellness Leader within and allow more success and abundance into your business?


Here are the three core mindset focuses of a Wellness Leader compared to a Wellness Practitioner:

  1. ‘A’ Grade Client Focus: Practitioners pride themselves on their ability to fix and heal anyone and everyone often leading them to get drained, exhausted and poor. On the other hand Wellness Leaders focus on building their tribe of ‘A’ Grade Clients, those clients that light them up, inspire them and are happy to pay them well for their wisdom. They do not try and be all things to all people but rather focus their magic aimed at a narrow niche of clients.
  2. Actualisation Over Alleviation: Practitioners focus on the alleviation of suffering which stops them or their clients from growing. Wellness Leaders realise that what clients want is not just the alleviation of suffering but someone who will take an interest in what they are aspiring to, with a view of empowering them to actualise this in their life. In this way, both the client and the Wellness Leader grow.
  3. Wisdom Before Modality: Practitioners focus on their modality and lead their marketing and their communication with their modality as the primary value. Wellness Leaders understand that their value comes from their deeper wisdom gained not only from their modality training but their whole life. They realise that no one cares about their modality. That what people want is a solution to their problem and at the end of the day, they don’t care how you help as long as you can help.


So now you have a choice to think like a Wellness Practitioner or a Wellness Leader and sometimes you have to break the mold, break the belief system that you may have held onto dearly. You have to break the mold of what others have told you to believe to allow a new way of being to open up.


I know for Andy and I things did not change, our success did not happen until we let go of those things that were holding us back. Be it our own belief or the belief of others, we needed to find another way, to believe something different and more expansive.

Once we embraced this everything changed. Just the first mindset shift helped us to grow our business ten fold, just this one mindset shift.


Just know that small shifts in belief can have incredibly big shifts in success. One small tweak, shift or breaking one small thought can change the way you practice, the results you get and the abundance that you enjoy. We know because it happens with us time and time again as we continue to stretch, break free and embrace new ways of thinking.


At the Wellness Leadership Revolution, we break down the old paradigm and unlock what is stopping so many Wellness Practitioners from getting the results, the reach and the freedom that they deserve. And it could be just one insight, a piece of advice or skill that you learn at the event that might just change your results forever.

We’re heading to San Diego, San Francisco, Toronto and Sydney soon…




We see it all the time how just one insight can spark a whole rush of epiphany that sees you propel yourself to a whole other level of success. We often hear that people could never have imagined what was possible until they came to the event. Andy and I often feel the gratitude of having mentors share insights with us and be surprised with the amazing difference it makes to our business and our lives.




So what’s stopping you? It is possible to have total time, location and financial freedom. It is possible to be inspired and energised in your work and it is possible to make a big impact on a global scale so you can get paid well for your expertise and wisdom.


It is ok to be scared, apprehensive and skeptical just not in so much fear that you don’t take an action or give it a go. During the event, we will walk you through the process of finding your magic, connecting with your ‘A’ Grade clients, and learn how to extract and market your wisdom.





We look forward to sharing our wisdom, experience, and magic with you so that you can share your’s more effectively and break free from the old limiting beliefs and result that you have been receiving.


Isn’t it time for your abundance?


You CAN do this!


See you there…



Marcus & Andy