The Wellness Leadership Marketing Solution

The Four Main Practice Marketing Systems


Why are we focusing on Marketing Systems?

Simply because Marketing is the most important skill to practice for any health care practitioner longing to be a Wellness Leader. When you install and implement these systems, you’ll have a constant way to obtain the best possible results in your practice and you’ll be able to start leveraging your practice in the way you would like to.

The following four systems are the Main Marketing Systems to Focus on to build your Practice.

Client Attraction:

We need to have a way to constantly bring in new clients so we can continue to work on making a difference to our community as well as developing our practice.

Keywords: Define, Collect, Blitz

  • Define: Who is our target market?
  • Collect: How do we gather leads?
  • Blitz: We must have an ongoing consistent campaign NOT a one off promotion.

Client Interaction:

Knowing how to communicate, what to communicate and when to communicate will help convert suspects into prospects and prospects into clients.

Keywords: Script, Connect, Convert

  • Script: Know what to say and when to say it for greatest conversions.
  • Connect: Connect with your prospect or client to create deep trust and rapport
  • Convert: A conversion system should be set up to turn Prospects into Clients.

Client Education:

An Education Based Marketing System is what we need in order to share our deeper message, develop trust and rapport and make a difference in the world.

Keywords: The Content Creation System, Channels, Transformation

  • The Content Creation System: How would you turn your message into information products and what would be the contents of your message?
  • Channels: Choose which channel will you broadcast your message. Will you use emails, blogs, newsletters, speaking engagements, webinars or coaching?
  • Transformation: Instead of broadcasting your message in the form of advice, rather make change happen through frameworks.

Client Referrals:

Giving quality service and care to your clients is essential. The word starts to spread and they refer more of their friends to your practice.

Keywords: Client referrals, Service, Colleagues and partners

  • Client Referrals: Keep in mind that your packaging must provide high quality solutions for people to want to refer to you.
  • Service: You must give service beyond what is currently available.
  • Colleagues and Partners: Get connected with the right partners and work together in a way that benefits you both.