Set Yourself Up As Wellness Consultant & Keep Your Practice Heart-Based

In today’s world, more and more people are becoming Wellness Professionals and Health Coaches. If you are one or are intending to be one, having the right knowledge and keeping a “heart-based” practice will prove invaluable in your ability to stand out. Who wouldn’t want to be ahead of the line and stand out among the crowd? But the question is how?

First, you need to know the difference between a Wellness Leader and a Wellness Practitioner.

Wellness Leader VS Wellness Practitioner

Wellness practitioners tend to follow what they have learned from journals, texts, books, and their training, while Wellness Leaders are using not just the knowledge used by Wellness practitioners but also have a practice of deepening their perspective through their hearts. Wellness Leaders embody their wisdom – they walk their talk and are a visible and present inspiration to their clients. Both Wellness Practitioners and Leaders fulfill the meaning of being “practitioners” as it is their job to alleviate suffering;  the only difference is the range of intensity in how they act and live.

Wellness Leaders base their actions on Aspiration and Actualization while Wellness Practitioners focus mostly on the first stage of wellness which is Alleviation of symptoms. Wellness Leaders encourage their patients to take responsibility for their healing, and tend to focus more on mentoring and training.  Meanwhile, Wellness Practitioners often establish doctor-patient relationship unlike Wellness Leaders, who take up the role of encouraging personal empowerment not by telling their patients what to do, but empowering them to help themselves. And lastly, Wellness Practitioners rely on only one product or service while Wellness Leaders offer many products and services.

How to Be a Wellness Consultant

Now that you know the differences between a Wellness Leader and a Wellness Practitioner, you will be able to act appropriately and efficiently in particular situations. For example: if a certain patient needs your consultation services in concern for their wellness dillemma, you should be able to fully act as their giver of strength. But when you feel a little doutbful or confused on what to offer to your patient, it’s important to seek guidance and learn from people who can help you grow and develop into a new transformed wellness consultant, crossing beyond the basic principles of practice. Wellness Leadership Academy provides every professional wellness consultant to break their invisible cage that bonds them in the basic and old paradigm of wellness consulting. With the guidance offered by Welness Leadership Academy, headed by Andy Ramsay, you will have the possibility to be reborn or transformed into a Wellness Leader. Plus, not just your patients or clients would benefit with your new way of practice, but you will also have the chance to automate your systems for your patients healing, and that inevitably leads to an increase of clientel and income. If you are ready to for a positive and successful change in how you approach your practice, and ready to be enlightened and guided to the path of success, let yourself be a part of the Wellness Leadership Academy sessions.

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