The Wellness Leadership Model

Positioning yourself in your community by having your own unique story and acting as a bridge to develop trust and rapport with your audience is important. But after creating your story, what’s the next step? It’s getting clear on your advice and how you can systematise this advice for maximum effectiveness.

The Wellness Leadership Model

Your Advice and Framework

Your Story: People want to know the “Real” you.

  • They want you to share your deepest vulnerabilities and how you overcame your biggest challenges.
  • When they can relate to you, they’ll recognise themselves in your story.
  •  Once they recognize themselves in your story, then they can begin to trust you and only then they will consider working with you.

What is trust marketing?

Trust Marketing is the New Paradigm of online business: your clients need to know that you are real, that you you are genuine. They need to know that you have either been where they are, or that you have helped people like them to get better lives. This is where your story can be enormously helpful. When your clients trust you, and only then, is it time for your advice.

Your Advice:

  • Being a Wellness Leader means showing your clients what to focus on during their healing journey, and providing them knowledge for every step of the way – self-empowerment for your clients is the ultimate goal.
  • Discover what training and experiences you’ve had that can help your clients.
  • Bring your story of challenge into a format where you can teach your clients what to do and what not to do.
  • Give them the principles they need to know to live a life of freedom.
  • Give them a glimpse of their life potential and get them inspired to create it. It can be helpful to list your advice as a list of principles and lessons learned.

Your Frameworks:

  • Once you get clear on your advice and the principles that you want to teach, it’ll be much easier for your clients to test and live your advice if they’re given a step by step approach.
  • Creating a framework or system makes it easier for your clients to follow but it also helps you to synthesise your message into an easy and coherent process that anyone can follow.
  • Without creating a framework, your clients won’t know what to do with your advice – it will be very difficult for them to get results and continue to get ongoing results if they have no framework or a step-by-step guide to follow.

When offering your advice, remember you need to be distinct, unique, and have a different flavour to everyone else. Creating a unique framework system is powerful, as it’s more like mentoring and actually helps people obtain the results they are looking for. It ultimately shows them how to get from where they are to where they want to be – living a life of freedom and optimum health.

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