How To Use Words and Powerful Imagery To Market Your Wellness Product or Service

Main Key of This Post:  Learn how to write great articles and blogs using powerful and creative copywriting.

Have you created a wonderful product or service for your clients that you know is going to make a big difference in their lives? How are are you going to let them know about it?

market your wellness product

Communicating with your audience without having to sell or appear ‘salesy’ is one of the most challenging things to accomplish when marketing. It may help to think of your product or service as the ‘present’ and the words that you are using to describe it as the ‘wrapping paper’. You can see how important the words are with this little image, because it’s the first thing your clients will see. So, in order to get people to unwrap your present you will need to get really good at wrapping, and for our purposes today, that means you need to get really good at writing.

The first step is to identify clearly what your clients need and want. Here is an analogy that I have found very helpful in this process to demonstrate the power of frameworks as well as being a great visual to get creative with:

Plain and Pleasure Island

marketing your wellness product

Pain Island is where your clients are now; it’s what they are currently struggling with and where they are stuck. They are marooned on Pain Island and no matter how hard they try, they don’t know how to escape!

Your ability to identify exactly what’s going on for them will make a MASSIVE difference to how well they receive your marketing message. What does Pain Island look and feel like to your clients? How did it feel when you were there? Have you put this into your story? Get clear on what they are currently experiencing and you’ll be 75% of the way towards helping them take action.

Your audience needs to know that you’ve been on Pain Island, or that you’ve helped people who’ve been there. They need to know that you or your clients have overcome similar challenges to them, that you are a normal human being and you’ve suffered just like them. Then they will start trusting you, be inspired by you, and begin to aspire to something greater in their own life.

Pleasure Island is where your audience want to be. It’s where YOU, and/or your clients are now. So again, you need to know exactly what your prospects are looking for, in the short and long term. You need to be able to communicate what Pleasure Island looks and feels like so they are inspired to take ACTION to get in the boat that will take them there. What is the boat that will take them from Pain to Pleasure island? The boat is your framework or system, the step-by-step sequential journey from Pain to Pleasure island.

The Boat

Imagine a boat taking a stranded sailor from Pain island to Pleasure island. It’s a long journey, so they have to make some stops at the smaller islands in between. The smaller stops are the steps within your framework, and each of those steps is one step closer to Pleasure Island. The biggest mistake health practitioners and wellness coaches make when implementing their marketing system is trying to use their modality as the boat. People don’t care about your modality, they care about having a better life. You need to establish trust and rapport by describing Pain and Pleasure Island first. Once you’ve established that trust and rapport – then, and only then, show them your product, service, or training that will help them get there.

Turning It All Into Great Writing – or Creating the Wrapping Paper!

So now you’ve  identified your potential clients’ demands and wants and you’ve developed a great system to help them get results. What’s the next step? How can you be most effective with your health marketing?

The next step is to understand what language will create a call to action in your prospects. There’s nothing worse than having everything in place, a great framework and an amazing training system, yet nobody signs up for it because your language didn’t cause them to take action. The tricky thing is to know the exact transformation that will happen to your prospects once they get to the stage where they are inspired to take ACTION.

This is where your experience comes in. You have worked with these people before, and you know that once they reach their goals the positive impact is huge: their relationships, lifestyle, career path, health, well-being and creativity are completely transformed to the great betterment of their entire life. You know this. Therefore, in formulating your health and wellness marketing copy (words or wrapping paper), the most important thing is to use powerful transformational language in your headings and posts all through your articles, blogs and emails. That way, you’ll inspire your audience to act and you will finally be able to help them.

And most importantly for you – you’ll be on-purpose and doing the work that you feel called to do: helping people to live a better life.

Writing your blogs and articles

How to get your message out there…

  1. Become a good writer, even if you think you are not. The simplest way to do this is to understand how to formulate your ideas into words using the Pain to Pleasure Island technique and using article frameworks to write your copy.
  2. Create a plan to build rapport with your audience. Make your focus be on providing your unique story, a Pain to Pleasure Island solution, and wisdom from your Modality and your Heart.
  3. Give your audience powerful statements, tips, and tools for success.
  4. Offer your framework: this is your system, the step-by-step process for your clients healing. Remember – the BOAT!
  5. FINALLY: Offer your products and services. Show them that you believe in their potential and have the services to provide them with long-term success and health – Pleasure Island.

Thanks to Vrinda Normand for inspiring this analogy of Pain to Pleasure Island. We really love using this for Holistic and Wellness practices because it’s practical and also speaks to the heart of your clients needs and wants – effective way to market your wellness product. We would love to hear your thoughts, comments, or questions. Feel free to add them below.