Wellness Marketing 4 – Creating Wellness Frameworks

MAIN KEY OF THIS POST: A Wellness Marketing Framework is essential if you’re wanting to position yourself in the right way and make a real difference in the lives of others. Plus it helps you to synthesise your message into an easy and consistent approach that anyone can follow.

Your clients won’t know what to do with your advice unless you create a framework or system for them to follow. It would be super challenging for them to continue to get the best ongoing results if they don’t have a framework or step by step to follow.

How exactly do we create a Wellness Marketing Framework?

WELLNESS LEADERS have the following things in common:

  • Search: They collect all the “advice” that’s out there from their competitors and others who have already done what they want to do. This step involves just cutting and pasting all the advice into a list of points.
  • Synthesise: Then they compile all this advice, including their own unique training and experience on the topic and then synthesise it all together into something new. At this stage, writing all this advice down as a list of main ideas you firmly believe will work.
  • Systemise: This is where Wellness Leaders take the synthesised information and use their creative genius to create a whole new system that is based on a step by step framework. They take the very BEST of the information out there, compile it together with their own experience and training and “systemise” it into a framework that makes EASY for other people to implement and get results. The amazing thing about this is – it can “position” you as an authority very quickly because nobody has ever created this “system” before. It’s a brand new creation because it contains something special that has never been seen before – it’s got YOU in it!
  • Monetise. The last stage is to take your system (framework) and turn it into something extremely valuable that people will absolutely LOVE.

How do you do this?

Remember that in the new paradigm of “Trust Marketing” it never works to just try to sell something to people without first establishing trust and rapport. So the first step toward making money from our system is to create a summary of it and turn it into a free training. Then people can try it out and if they will purchase the full version of it.

Now we have a framework. How do we use it to help people obtain the best results and turn your system into a money attracting value adding system?

To monetise your system requires 3 main things all being in place.

  1. Postitioning -We must position ourselves in the right way and be clear on our niche and our story.
  2. Packaging – Learn how to package our wellness marketing massage in such a way that people want to check us out.
  3. Promoting – Know how to promote it and who to promote it to. Target with our product and all we need to do is create a free training and get it in front of people.

And that is a great topic for another blog post 🙂

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