F*%#! FEAR

A long time ago (once upon a time) in a past life (when I was a teenager) and snow skied for Australia I remember a moment when my team and I came across a 3 story high rock face and being teenagers we all dared each other to jump off it. Now I remember the fear I felt as we bantered back and forth as the reality of actually jumping became more and more real. After a while it became apparent that we were not going to move until someone jumped so I mustered the bravery to say ‘ok I’ll do it as long as we have a camera’ I thought that at least if I died it would make a great photo. My coach pointed to his backpack and indicated that he had the camera and would take the photo.

So with my newfound catalyst, (the camera and being a hear for all to see) and bravery that was just every so slightly suppressing the fear of the reality that I now faced, I headed to the top of the rock face. I can remember standing there for what seemed like days with my head going back and forth from, ‘do it, go on you’ll be a hero and have a photo to prove it and no don’t be stupid you’re going to die or get injured like you have in the past, don’t forget that pain!’’. The final decision came as I confirmed that my coach had the camera ready and, closing the fear conversation out of my head, I rushed forward to the rock face and lept off.

It was an exhilarating rush of adrenaline that landed me to the cheers and relief of surviving the experience, alive and well. I rushed over to check that my coach had captured the image only to find out that there was no camera. As I realized what had happened the fear tried to come back but the reality of overcoming the fear and jumping the cliff left a euphoria that propelled me to achieve all sorts of other feats during my career.

I can’t tell you how many times each day we see the power of fear and what we call the gatekeeper, that little person inside your head that you have created to help you to never repeat painful experiences again, stopping people from stepping into their full potential. In my case I had been through a number of major ski accidents that created a lot of pain in the past so my gatekeeper, with all the best intentions of self preservation, tried to talk me out of jumping. Just like those times in school where you may have had to present to your class only to be laughed at and made fun of and now as an adult you have the chance to present in public only to succumb to the fear which inevitably stops you. The gatekeeper providing all manner of practical reality excuses as to why this is a bad idea.


But this gatekeeper, for all its well meaning intentions of self preservation, inevitably stops most people from stepping into their full potential. Either starting or stepping up to the next level of success. Sometimes it just takes a supportive catalyst, seeing the possibility through others and the courage to know that past experiences do not have to be the present reality.


So when is it time for your to step up and stand out? Maybe this will help:


  1. CATALYST: Find your catalyst, your camera, the thing that will inspire you to take the leap. My kids are now one of my strongest catalyst for all those times I would rather run away and hide (yes we still have those times);
  2. MENTORSHIP: Find examples of others who have achieved what you want to achieve and get their mentorship. When Roger Bannister broke the four minute mile in 1954 (a feat thought impossible by scientists of the day) many realised the possibility and also broke the record not long after. This is because all of a sudden it was possibly as proven by others achievements. Knowing that if they could make it a reality so can you and with their support you can make it real.
  3. DIG DEEP: There within you is all the courage you need to reach your full potential. It may not be apparent but it is there.


When my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer we all had to dig deep especially her. To go through the treatment and operations that she had to endure I am still in awe of the courage she mustered. I think if you had of asked her before this happened would she be able to do it she may have said no, as I did often as I thought of being in her position. But we have amazing resiliency that when we HAVE to step up we do.

Maybe this is your calling? Maybe it’s time to stop waiting and step up into your full potential and stop making excuses, remember the gatekeeper is very sneaky and will give you practical excuses so that if you share this with others they will agree with you that it is not possible. But maybe, just maybe it is a fear reaction, that those excuses are not as real as you first thought. Maybe it’s time to make this an imperative that you just HAVE to deliver on.

If now is the time, if you are sick and tired of the excuses or the gatekeeper getting in the road and you want help and support to step up then come and spend two days with Andy and I as we show you the possibility and help you build a new reality of TIME, LOCATION and FINANCIAL FREEDOM. The current reality is not true. There is another way and we would love to show you how to get out of the 1 to 1 location trap and to reach your tribe in a 1 to many format and finally help the most amount of people possible globally.

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We can’t wait to share our journey, our experience and show you the road map to make it a reality like we have for thousands of other holistic practitioners and coaches. We will provide you with practical steps, clear templates and the tools to make it a reality. It may just change your business and life forever.

So notice if the gatekeeper is stepping in to tell you you’re not ready. Watch the excuses appear as the gatekeeper reminds you of your current reality and how it’s not possible and gently thank the gatekeeper and come anyway!

We look forward to supporting you to step into your full potential and make a reality of more location freedom, time freedom and financial freedom possible…


Marcus and Andy