We have had the Australian Open tennis grand slam on here in Melbourne, Australia for the last few months and, as always, it’s been a good spectacle to watch. Tennis is a little passion of mine, so I have enjoyed watching the matches. One of the things that has fascinated me the most is just how important the mind is during a game of tennis.


Unlike lots of other faster sports, ski racing being one, tennis takes time; enough time to talk yourself out of, or into, winning. At this level, most of the players are technically great at what they do. Yes, some are a little better than others, but overall they are very similar in raw ability. However, it is the mind that seems to make the biggest difference. When a former world number one, like Roger Federer, is behind and then comes up to win, you can see just how important his mind-set is. Newer players on the circuit often fail in these moments of high pressure and high stakes, as their minds let them down.


Being a Wellness Leader is no different. Like tennis we are playing the long game as well. We are not going to win every set, we are not going to win every game, and we are not going to play every shot perfectly. However, if we keep persisting, keep practicing our art, and keep playing the shots, we are eventually going to get it.

In the daily life of our wellness business, we have to be able to master a variety of shots. Not just the standard back of the line shots, but also the lob shots, the drop volley, and playing at the net.


You have to continually be mastering your craft and modality, but you also need to be learning and practicing how to share your authentic wisdom, market your message and build products and services for your ideal clients. You need to learn how to attract, nurture and build your ideal tribe. To continually innovate, automate and liberate you and your business.


Today, in the business world things change fast! Customers change fast! The environment changes fast! We see this especially obviously in the online world of social media, online platforms and online engagement. Things are changing all the time and just when you think you have mastered it, it changes. The same is true for tennis, unless you are continually improving your shots, maintaining your fitness and learning new ways to improve, you are not going to stay at the top of your game.


So, a wellness business is just a game, albeit a very important game, still a game. Learning how to play the game to the best of your ability, in the most authentic and vulnerable way possible is essential if you want to reach and maintain your goals, dreams and desires.


Maintaining your form comes down to three key factors:


  1. Managing your mindset – overcoming your fears, staying positive and holding onto your dream at any cost;
  2. Learning new skills – making sure you are staying in front of the ever-changing environment;
  3. Having support – making sure you have a support team that has “been there and done that”. The best tennis coaches are the ones who were champion tennis players. Find yourself one of, or a team of those, and follow what they say. You will thank us that you did.


This is what we do. Just like tennis players have a team of people supporting them –  coaches, trainers, wellness professionals –  we are here to support you. Supporting you to find and express your most authentic wisdom so that you can bring all of you to the table –  your ‘A’ game. It’s what we love to do; to watch you play your best shots, your best games and, in your own way, win your match. To help you to always stay ahead of what’s happening in the environment, what’s new and how to maximise your potential.


It is why we have put together a team of people who can support you from web developers to Facebook marketing experts to tech experts and coaching, mentors and trainers who have all “been there and done that”.


If you want to learn more, come to our live event and watch us “play the game” and show you how to hit better shots and make a bigger impact by connecting with and helping more people with your magic.


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Andy and I and the whole team look forward to supporting you to reach your full potential and have fun playing the game along the way.



Marcus and Andy