Published beats perfection…

I spent a lifetime growing up trying to be perfect. Trying to live up to the expectations of parents, teachers and the socio-economic environment I found myself in. No matter what I did or how hard I tried I could not reach the levels of perfection that seemed to be expected from the environment around me. As you can imagine this left a lasting dent in my self-worth and my ability to share myself with the world.

Apart from the difficulties I had getting employed, the real impact of this need to be perfect hit home hardest when I become a wellness practitioner and I now had to run my own business. I remember when I was writing my very first blog. I toiled over this blog for what seemed like months until one day I decided to publish it. Now even when I published it, I only sent it out to 3 people. Thankfully I got great feedback from one of these people, which spurred me on to sharing it with a few more people, and on it went.

What I learnt most from this experience is that people seemed to be more focused on the content of the blog rather than the quality and lack of perfection when it came to the writing. In fact what I thought was not perfect seemed to hit the mark for some and provide them with timely tips to help them.

Perfection is such a debilitating disease that would seem to infect so many people, especially those who are running their own business and by default become the face of their business. Andy and I so often hear how perfectionism has stopped people from sharing their magic and their expertise because it never seems to be ‘right’ enough. It would seem to have a paralysing effect for some, where nothing gets shared because it’s never good enough.

The funny part about this is in nature nothing is perfect, and yet nature is imperfectly perfect all at the same time. Sometimes I think that perfection is just an excuse. I get that getting things like spelling and grammar right is important. I get that for some people it is more important than others and I respect that. But what price do we pay for striving for perfection? Is it better to take hours and hours to get something ‘perfect’ or is it better to get it out into the world where it can do good?

The key here is to look at where the value exists in anything we do as wellness leaders. Is the value in getting it ‘perfect?’ Or is the value in sharing our expertise, our wisdom and our magic? Our value is in sharing our magic, those pieces of wisdom and advice that might just change someone’s life.

Sometimes it’s just about overcoming the fear of sharing yourself by knowing how to share yourself in a valuable and ‘good enough’ way. Now I get that for you ‘good enough’ may not be good enough. In fact, it may never be good enough as you are your most critical critic, full of judgement based on your past perceived realities. All those times that you were told you were not good enough come up to get on the road to sharing your true wisdom and adding value to the world.

So what would you say if it didn’t matter how perfect the message was? What would you share with the world? I’m thinking that right now the world, more than ever needs to hear your message, your wisdom and the magic that you are here to share.

So make a plan to:

  1. Unpack your wisdom: What do you know? (Category, topic and content);
  2. Write a blog: What are your tips? (3 Key tips)
  3. Publish it fast: One read through only! (Hit publish quickly)


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There are thousands if not millions of people across the globe waiting for your magic to show up. Waiting for your wisdom to land in their lap so that they can get relief, healing and wellness from your knowledge. It’s time to step up and to stand out by sharing your message that may or may not be ‘perfect’ but at least it’s published.

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Marcus and Andy