For a long time we’ve been trying to come up with another word to use instead of the word ‘sell.’ There’s something about this word, especially in the wellness space, that makes this word dirty. It’s as if we should not be selling our products or services.


Maybe it’s gotten itself a bad name because of sneaky, unscrupulous and evil sales people. Maybe it’s the unsolicited phone calls that occur around dinner time each night asking if you would like to buy insurance or electricity. Or maybe it’s just the news of another person being taken for all their money by a criminal sales person.


Either way it has a negative connotation and something most of us do not like to do. Unfortunately the truth of the matter is that we are always in the process of selling ourselves whether it is a product or service or trying to win an argument or get our own way.


There is, however, better ways to do this where we can feel authentic and genuine staying integral to our beliefs and has less to do with selling and more to do with sharing.


When you are selling your services one session at a time you have to be the practitioner for most of the session and then at the end you have to be the sales person, if appropriate, and ask them to book into a program or another session with you. This it would seem, for a lot of people is the hardest part.


In fact a number of years ago we were mentoring a clinic who was having difficulty growing their business. We decided to interview all of their clients as they left the clinic to find out what was going on. We asked them ‘if there was one regret what would it be?’


Overwhelmingly most people said that they were not asked if they would like another session. You see when you do your magic people will want you to offer them another session. In a perfect scenario they will want you to offer them a solution to their problem that they all know will take more then one session. They are wanting you to ‘sell’ them a program.


Now let’s leave the program idea aside for one minute and focus on the fact that people want to be sold to. Especially if it is going to benefit them and empower them to move through their pain and into pleasure. They want to be fixed, or better or whatever the word is. But for some reason we shy away from the sale as if it is wrong.


People want direction, they want to be lead and they want to feel safe when they do it. How you execute this final part of your session greatly determines the faith they have in you and their desire to engage with you in an ongoing arrangement.


We like to think of selling as more a sharing opportunity where you share your wisdom and what you recommend someone needs to do to reach their wellness goals. It’s not selling in the dirty traditional word (assuming we consider it dirty) but rather a sharing of what you truly and authentically believe someone needs.


Now in a perfect world you would share a journey with them from what our good friend Vrinda Normand calls from pain island to pleasure island. Showing them exactly what needs to be done, showing them the exact journey from their current pain towards their desired pleasure, to have the success that they desire.


In this way they feel safe, because you understand exactly what they need. They feel cared for because you are taking a long term interest in their wellbeing and they feel respected because you feel them worthy of your time and energy.


So next time you get to the point where you have and opportunity to share your magic maybe think about the following three ideas:


  1. Be courageous enough to tell them what you believe they need to reach their wellness goals;
  2. Have a journey for them to follow showing them each of the steps that they need to take to reach these goals;
  3. Share what you have to offer confidently, authentically and powerfully knowing that you are working in the best interest of your client and yourself.


The key here is to confidently share what you recommend and what you have to offer. Don’t change your energy, get scared or go all mamby pamby by being vague and unsure, this does not instill confidence in your client, instead it leads them to think you don’t know what you are doing. Stand up for your worth, take a stand for your clients and share your magic.


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Marcus and Andy


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